29 08 2008

I am so glad that other fans are happy to see this new release. Universal are not claiming to release anything new, by “rare” they are refering to non die hard fans who have not collected everything going. They are not just aiming this release at us die hard fans, but to everyone. The success of Mamma Mia and GOLD will have brought new fans into the fold and for them these track could be considered “rare”. You will not get HOVAS VITTNE or GET ON THE CAROUSEL and such like items, so dont slag off Universal for that. It’s is up to Benny and Bjorn. And if they dont want it officially released we have to deal with it. It’s not like we don’t all have it already anyway?! 

ABBA THE ALBUMS BOX SET -If you don’t want it, dont buy it (and please dont slag off Universal. They do a fantastic job, despite what some sites say). I can’t wait to get the box set, and I hope like me you’ll enjoy it!



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