Stig Anderson: A New book by his daughter, Marie Ledin

6 09 2008

Marie Ledin, daughter of Stig Anderson, ABBA’s manager and founder of the Polar Music record label, has written a biography of Stig that will be released in Sweden on 15 September. The book gives an account of his life in music and one side of the events that created a huge rift in the ‘ABBA/Polar family’.

My father called Stikkan by Marie Ledin
“To the end of Stig’s days, his eyes darkened whenever the group was mentioned”, says Marie in the book.
“That’s her version of events”, says Björn to Expressen. “But I don’t want to make any comment on this before I’ve read the book.” Benny doesn’t want to comment at all. “Actually, I’m not interested in what’s written in that book”, he says.

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