12 09 2008

As expected it hasn’t taken long for certian negative abba fans to start rumours and suggestions about the delay in the opening of the ABBA museum in Stockholm.

Facts are the only reason for the delay is due to building works. They have always been upfront and honest about the cost of this venture and Sony juming on board was a godsend for them.  But there is nothing in their statement to suggest it is due to mismanagement or funding or the project going bankrupt.

Yes I can see that plans had been made to travel to Stockholm for the event, but I plan to still go and have a great holiday in Stockholm as I always do.  Perhaps fans should get together and meet up while there so as not to feel it has been a waste of time.

But as an ABBA fan who has already paid for Gold pass tickets to the museum & airfare/accommodation , I’m not at all angry, dissapointed, yes, but not angry. Why would I be angry as one abba fan site suggests? These things happen and it’s not like they announced this just a few weeks before it was due to open.  Seem’s like some people are never pleased…



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