24 09 2008

 Sony/Bmg have today released a press release for the new CD MY VERY BEST – AGNETHA FALTSKOG.

 On October 8 released is the career-wide collection album “My Very Best” with Agnetha Fältskog. It is SONY BMG together with Agnetha that have made a collection that reflects her career as a  solo artist, from the debut tracks 40 years ago to her last album in 1994   Among the 35 songs are her English-language version of “SOS”, “When you take me in your arms”, “Dream is a dream, and the saga saga”, “Wrap Your Arms Around Me,” “The Heat Is On,” “I Wont Let You Go, “” Let It Shine “and to  Agnetha’s special favorite from the ABBA period,” The Winner Takes It All “. . The accompanying booklet contains an introduction by Agnetha, unique images and all song text.

 Agnetha’s career is remarkable and she is one of Sweden’s most successful artists of all time.  ABBA has made all its members world-famous, and a special glow has always been around Agnetha.

 Agnetha has had a successful solo career as a singer and songwriter. She has also produced many of her own recordings.  Agnetha made the list entrance for the first time in January 1968 when the debut single “I was so in love” entered the Swedish Top. . This was followed by five albums and a long list of well-known hits on the Swedish topplistorna.  Her solo career continued in the 70s on during  her involvement in the ABBA.  During the’80s did Agnetha three international solo albums with the help of producer Mike Chapman, Eric Stewart and Peter Cetera. All were big sellers in Sweden and in other countries.  In 2004 came the latest album “My coloring Book” which went to Number one directly on the Swedish music charts and sold platinum.

Track listing

CD 1:
1  S.O.S.
2  Var det med dej?
3  När du tar mig i din famn
4  Många gånger än
5  En sång om sorg och glädje
6  Dröm är dröm, och saga saga
7  Doktorn!
8  Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag
9  Så glad som dina ögon
10  Vart ska min kärlek föra
11  Tio mil kvar till Korpilombolo
12  Så här börjar kärlek
13  Sången föder dig tillbaka
14  Dom har glömt
15  Om tårar vore guld
16  Allting har förändrat sig
17  Fram för svenska sommaren
18  Jag var så kär
CD 2:
1  Wrap Your Arms Around Me
2  Little White Secrets
3  Can’t Shake Loose
4  The Heat Is On
5  If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind
6  I Stand Alone
7  Mr. Persuasion
8  I Won’t Let You Go
9  If You Need Somebody Tonight
10  Never Again
11  Let It Shine
12  Take Good Care Of Your Children
13  Sometimes When I’m Dreaming
14  The Way You Are
15  I Won’t Be Leaving You
16  When You Walk In The Room
17  The Winner Takes It All

track listing TBC Thanks to Reg.



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