9 10 2008

Agnetha’s new CD MY VERY BEST has now been released and inside the amazing booklet is a special message from Agnetha:

Time flies as we all know

It Still feels like yesterday that I walked down the steps into the Phillips Studio for my very first recording sessions. I was nervous, full of expectation with my mind crammed with songs, lyrics and melodies – I had so much inside of me, so much energy.

Music has been a constant theme throughout my life, from when I was just five years old and began with small compositions and lyrics, on through my teenage years with dance bands and amusement park tours, then on to the whole ABBA period with “The Winner Takes It All” being a personal favourite, before culminating with my many solo albums.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with my hobby, to do what I love.

To all my loyal fans around the world, to all my fantastic friends and my wonderful family – This is for you! I hope this compilation can be a souvenir to treasure in years to come.

Thank you for being there, I love you all.

Agnetha Fältskog

Ekerö 2008



© Photos & text 2008 Sony/BMG/Agnetha Fältskog Production AB. used with kind permission for publicity purposes only.




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