28 01 2009


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abbldsr09Carl Magnus Palm’s book “Bright Lights, Dark Shadows” (Yarkiy svet, Chernie teni:
Podlinnaya istoriya gruppi ABBA)
has now been published in a new Russian edition.
Thanks to Ulrika for the info and Pix

New ABBA site coming soon      Monday, January 26, 2009
News from is that a new site is on the way:
“New website coming! One big change for 2009 will be a fantastic new ABBA website … watch this space for more news about that coming soon.”
As they say watch this space……



25 01 2009

Read the full translation of Agnetha’s radio interview From Friday 24.1.2009















25 01 2009

Daily Express & Daily Mail


ABBA women dismiss rumors of fights

23 01 2009

Sweden  ABBA ABBA women dismiss rumors of fights
(AP) STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The two women members of 1970s hit group ABBA have rejected long-standing rumors that they are bitter enemies.

In a rare joint interview published Friday, Agnetha Faltskog, 58, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, 63, took a chance to set the record straight.

“A lot has been written about how Agnetha and I fought and quarreled with each other. There is absolutely no truth in that,” Lyngstad was quoted as saying by tabloid Aftonbladet. “Of course we competed, but to good effect.”

Lyngstad and Faltskog formed ABBA together with male members Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus.

The band has sold more than 370 million records and is famous for hits like “Waterloo,” “Dancing Queen” and “Money, Money, Money.”

After ABBA split in 1982, rumors of fights between Lyngstad and Faltskog swirled in articles and books about the band.

“No, we didn’t fight. But we have to live (through) a whole lot of such misinterpretations,” Faltskog said.

The two women came together Thursday to accept Aftonbladet’s lifetime achievement award.

The four former ABBA members are rarely seen together in public, but were reunited in 2008 for the Swedish premiere of “Mamma Mia!” a film based on their hits.

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Agnetha and Frida “We didn’t Fight”

23 01 2009

AF091Read the full interviews in English HERE!

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AGNETHA & FRIDA Accept Swedish Life-time Achievement Award

23 01 2009


Together again!

Agnetha and Frida were in Stockholm last night, to jointly accept Aftonbladet’s newly created “Rockbjörnen Lifetime Achievement Award” this year’s award was given to ABBA.  The award is voted for by the readers of Sweden’s biggest newspaper, Aftonbladet. Agnetha and Frida both won prizes for their solo albums in the early 80s. The girls hugged and danced together on stage, showing how happy they were to receive the award.

You can watch a video of the award here








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New(?)Benny & Bjorn Song for Barbara Dickson Tour

21 01 2009

3103191Barbara Dickson is going on tour in January and will be performing an unreleased Bjorn & Benny song. During an interview  in Sunday’s Daily Express Magazine  she said she’ll be performing – The Silence of the Dawn. Music by Benny English text by Bjorn.
This track is the english version of “Innan Gryningen”  By Emma Härdelin and written by Benny and Ylva Eggehorn.
The silence of the dawn’ has been performed before, By Ludvig Andersson In Glasgow a few years ago (2001). Benny and BAO performed at the International Music festival in Glasgow, and at that concert Helen performed the English version of Hemma from Kristina titled “Home ” And Ludvig performed “The Silence Of the Dawn”

“The Silence Of the Dawn”

Lyrics as performed By Ludvig Andersson Glasgow 23/10/2001

You’re here at last
To me you were a stranger
A famous story people like to tell
They tried to paint your picture through the ages
Reality is different, here you are

We thought you were for sale, so highly useful
We wrote your name on banners for the war
We raised cathedrals almost into heaven
But you were always moving further down

You are a child abandoned in a shelter
You’ll freeze to death unless we get involved
You touch our aching bodies, fight for justice
And say to others taste my flowing wine.

You’re coming out of every empty graveyard
You are a wind announcing spring will come
A refugee returning through the mountains
Rebuilding what was broken in the war

You are a song we almost had forgotten
A story of a true life we betrayed
I hid the mirror, now I look into it
And find the scares, your fire in my face

Come closer, stand by me, it’s getting closer
And maybe light will grow again once more
Your light will see me through – I hear a blackbird
He’s singing in the silence of the dawn.

B.Andersson/B Ulvaeus