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7 01 2009

“Mamma Mia” is last’s years big success in the cinemas. Three British women are behind the movie and the movie therefore counts as British.
It is the most successful British movie of all time. mmdvd

Björn and Benny, do you feel like you’re a part of this?
– “Benny has been more involved in the movie than I have”, says Björn.
– “If it’s the music people like, we’re responsible, says Benny. It’s interesting that a musical-movie has been this successful”.

When the movie was released on dvd in Britain, 1,5 million copies were sold – the first day.
Every forth home in Britain now ownes a copy of “Mamma Mia!”. In Sweden and Norway, 700 000 copies have been sold so far.
Worldwide the movie has brought in almost 5 billion dollars! And it hasn’t even opened in Japan yet.

– “The movie has done much better outside of USA than in USA, Benny tells. And that’s interesting because it was the same for us in ABBA”.

The movie’s big success has also meant a lot for the sales of the soundtrack on cd. Almost 5 million copies have been sold and ABBA’s “ABBA Gold” is also popular again.

The movie also has a chance to win a Golden Globe.
– “That’s fun, says Benny. I was in Los Angeles with Hep Stars in 1966 and we attended the Golden Globe-awards. Back then it wasn’t as big as it is today. The people in the movie business seem to think this event is more fun than going to the Oscars”.

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