Mamma Mia! No surprise for Meryl

19 01 2009

 MERYL STREEP always knew her film MAMMA MIA! would be a huge success – because it was a film that “neglected” female moviegoers could finally relate to.

The ABBA-themed musical was a box office smash around the globe in 2008, with estimated takings of £385 million worldwide.

But the movie’s success came as no surprise to Oscar winning actress Streep – as it was aimed at a section of the cinema audience that had been largely forgotten about.

She says, “I know the studio is gobsmacked by its success and a lot of the critics have been surprised, but I wasn’t. It was a no brainer.

“I knew it would do well because it was aimed at an audience that has been neglected in recent years in film offerings: women. They are the last group anybody ever cares about.”



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