ABBA in Japan Delayed & Benny in The Observer!

13 05 2009

location_fuji03The Universal DVD release ABBA in Japan is delayed by 2 months, also the DVD will  be released internationally. PRE ORDER NOW!
This coming Sunday (May 17th), a feature on Benny will appear in the UK newspaper ‘The Observer’.

Benny doesn’t watch Eurovision Song Contest anymore :

Benny  has made his feeling clear about the Eurovision Song Contest, insisting it “means nothing” anymore.
The 2009 contest takes place this weekend in Moscow, Russia, 35 years after ABBA won it with “Waterloo”.
But Benny, who has rejected advances from his home country to groom previous national contestants, say he will not be watching the show.
 “What it is now is possibly a great television event, but for music it means nothing”, he explained, continuing: “I don’t watch Eurovision. It’s become so huge.
  “It might have been a little bit more meaningful in the ’50s and ’60s and when we entered but after that, I’m not sure if anything ever happened.
  “Musically, it’s not what it should be. But as a television show it’s a good show”, he said .
This weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest will see 25 countries competing for the big prize.




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