31 12 2009

Agnetha 3 CD Box set.

30 12 2009
Sony Music AB are to release in Sweden, a 3 CD box set “3 Original Album Classics” in January, 2010.
the 3 albums: “Agnetha Fältskog”  “När en vacker tanke blir en sång” (When A Beautiful Thought Becomes A Song) “Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus” (Eleven Women In A Building)
Agnbox1The box set “Original Album Classics” with all 5 solo albums was released in September 2008.  Mikory

ABBA – 2010 looks great!

27 12 2009

The latest issue of Intermezzo.

No. 57. Includes the very latest news on the new ABBAWORLD exhibit opening in London as well as many other features and reports. In the new issue you will find:

  • The latest news on all four members including exclusive new photos of Frida, interviews given by Frida, Agnetha, Björn and Benny, and all the latest releases
  • Detailed reports and exclusive photos from the BBC tribute concert in London and the Kristina concerts in New York
  • The last part of the Voulez-Vous 30th anniversary feature
  • A pull-out poster calendar for 2010

ABBA Merry Christmas

24 12 2009

Don’t forget ABBA Night on Uk channel five on December 25th. Starting with The ABBA years, Mamma Mia where did it all go right and to end the night ABBA The Movie!

Kristina @ Royal Albert hall – April 2010.
Kristina in Concert will be performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall on the 14th April 2010. All the New York cast will be performing.


23 12 2009

Stellan Skarsgård to Guide Fans at ABBAWORLD

21 12 2009

Award winning Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård is set to become the voice in the audio guide accompanying visitors of the upcoming exhibition ABBAWORLD that opens its doors for the very first time in London on 27 January 2010. Skarsgård starred as the character Bill Anderson in the recent success movie “Mamma Mia!”, and he also hosted the BBCs ABBA tribute concert in Hyde Park together with Sir Tim Rice and DJ Chris Evans this autumn. “People might think I am an ABBA groupie, but I am actually trying to become the fifth member of the group and have their name changed to ABBAS,” says Skarsgård. “Im really looking forward to it.”

Magnus Danielsson, president of Touring Exhibitions, the company behind ABBAWORLD, is excited about Skarsgård becoming the voice of the audio guide. “Stellan adds character and off-beat humour to the guide, and his voice is well known all over the world,” says Danielsson. “We are very happy indeed that he is participating in ABBAWORLD.”

The script for the audio guide is written by ABBA expert and author of the bestselling biography ABBA – The Story, Carl Magnus Palm, and it will take the visitors on an exciting journey through the fantastic career of ABBA. According to Mats Daleskog, senior director of production at ABBAWORLD, the audio guide is a highly integrated and important feature of the exhibition. “Much more so than in many other exhibitions,” he says. “Not only is it about giving information to the visitors about objects and locations in the exhibition, but we want the audio guide to be an experience in itself and both the voice and the script are critical for its appeal.”

ABBAWORLD will open its doors  in  London for a limited run, at the Museum Hall, Earls Court, on 27 January 2010. Tickets are available from www.livenation.co.uk

Stellan Skarsgård was born in Sweden in 1951. He started his acting career at an early age and has since starred in many movies, TV series, and has made stage appearances. His latest work includes leading roles in blockbuster movies like Angels & Demons (2009), Mamma Mia! (2008), and Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007).

For more information, please visit: www.abbaworld.com

Benny Rolling Stone Interview

16 12 2009

Was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nod for ABBA something you thought about or expected to happen?

I’m surprised. It’s quite wonderful. I didn’t think this would happen, because we were a pop band, not a rock band.

Did you speak yet to the rest of your group about it?
No. Only to Björn [Ulvaeus]. We meet maybe once a week to talk through things. I haven’t spoken to the girls, but I know they’re happy. I believe that a band that is inducted to the Hall is supposed to do a performance, but I don’t think we can do that. Agnetha [Fältskog] is not flying, so I don’t know how she’s going to get to New York. And we haven’t done anything together in 30 years. It’s a difficult one. But, again, but you should never say never, you know?

I’ve seen reports in the papers that you turned down a billions dollars to reunite.
I’ve seen that, too. But to tell you the truth, I don’t know. I haven’t seen it in writing. I really doubt it, if you ask me. Who would pay that? We were supposed to do a year and a half of X number of concerts, but we never even contemplated going into negotiations because we didn’t want to do it.

Why? Do you think it’s just best left to memories of how it used to be?
I think so. Don’t you? The people who are really fond of ABBA for what we did, I think we are doing them a favor by not going out. We all feel the same. It’s been too long of a time. It’s been almost 30 years. There is no reason. I can’t understand the bands that reunite, because there will always be a reason, whether it be economic reasons or the fun of it… being on the stage again. We don’t have that.

Back in the ’70s when you were making all these songs, did you think they’d have this afterlife?
No way. You don’t think in those terms. You try to do your best with each song and then you release it and you hope for the best and then you hop on to the next one. It’s quite incredible, I can see now that the kids, young children, between five and 15 knowing all these songs, singing all these songs all of a sudden. It has a lot to do with Mamma Mia! I’ll tell you one thing. No one thought of this in the ’70s.

It seems ABBA that is more lucrative now than in the band’s heyday.
I don’t know. The back catalog is constantly selling and the whole Mamma Mia! thing from the first musical theater production through the movie, obviously that has generated a lot of money, but I cannot say. We are doing well. I’m just grateful being in this situation. Again, you don’t think these thoughts when you are sitting down to write a decent pop song. It takes a while to write good stuff. But you aim to do your best with some sincerity and the outcome — you can’t tell until afterwards. It’s like putting on a Broadway production. No one knows anything until after the opening night.

There have been reports about a possible sequel to Mamma Mia! Are they true?
It’s not as far as I know. I know Universal Pictures wouldn’t mind, but the thing with Mamma Mia! is that it’s so cleverly put together by Catherine Johnson using the old, original lyrics. And she succeeded in doing that. I don’t think there are another 20 good-enough songs. And even if they were, I don’t think the lyrics would help her to create another story. There might be some other way we can sort of continue the collaboration between us, the bunch that sort of created Mamma Mia! in the first place, but maybe it could be sort of something else, related only by the fact that it’s the same people behind whatever it is coming out.

Happy Birthday!

16 12 2009

Anni-Frid – “Liv reminded me of myself”

15 12 2009

Prize awarding Anni-Frid Lyngstad, 64, was moved after the gala. There was especially one of the heroes who made an impression on her – Life Kjellberg, 10. “I myself was a bit off,” says the former ABBA star.

– She reminded me of myself when I was little. I was not bullied, but a little off.

Although she has not appeared on television in years, when she was asked to award a prize at the Swedish-Heroes gala, she could not say no.

– I always say no when  asked. But this I felt I wanted to be a part of. It is so inspiring to see ordinary people so happy. It’s nice and I was actually reminded of how lucky I personally felt at the beginning of ABBA, ”

Although she was very nervous about her involvement, she does not regret that she was part.

– It was great fun to be with on this. It gives a tremendous joy. I got so much in the mood that I almost forgot that I was up on stage.

Where she gave a prize to the couple Sam and Stina Dahlgren  who during 58 years have supported vulnerable, homeless and lonely people in Stockholm.

– It’s amazing how they stood up for other people for so long, ”

She was, like the thousands in the audience, struggling to hold back tears during the gala.

– I sat beside a woman who was crying constantly. I would also  have done but I knew I had to get up on stage.

In particular, she was touched by the ten-year old Liv Kjellberg from Sollebrunn who won the fight against bullying in school. It made Frida  think back to her own childhood:

– She reminded me of myself. I was not bullied, but a little off. To which she reversed bullying into something positive, it’s just fantastic.

Frida attends the “Svenska Hjältar” Gala

15 12 2009

Frida was a guest presenter at the Svenska Hjältar Gala at Cirkus in Stockholm last night. As she entered the stage  “Dancing Queen” was played.  she presented  the lifetime achievement award.