“Kristina from Duvemala” in Finland 2012

9 12 2009

Benny  and Björn will take “Kristina from Duvemala” to Finland.

The musical will be staged at the Swedish Theater in Helsinki  in 2012.

– I look forward to moving to Helsinki, “says Björn .

Benny and Bjorn will virtually move into the Finnish capital, while they oversee rehearsals from early spring 2012  I look forward to moving into Helsinki. It is a beautiful city that is so amazingly close to Stockholm, “says Björn .   It is the first time the musical is played outside of Sweden. It is unclear who will play leading roles in the musical.
“Kristina from Duvemala” was first performed in 1995  at Malmo musical theater.  It stared Helen Sjöholm, Anders Ekborg and Peter Jöback  and also played in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Bjorn and Benny will be included in the selection process when the theater begins looking  for cast. Audition will start next autumn. The requirements of the person who will play Kristina is hard. During the musical  she ages 20 years.
– It’s a huge role. When we were looking for a Kristina on Broadway, we found no one was even close to what we were looking for. But I think it’s easier to find someone in Finland or Sweden, says Björn

No sequel

Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus are putting the focus on “Kristina from Duvemala” while the film company behind “Mamma mia” are screaming for a sequel because the movie musical was such a success.
But they have so far said no.
– You can not redo what happened with “Mamma Mia” . Writer Catherine Johnson managed to get together 20 texts that brought the story forward. There are no more texts like that, maybe ten tracks, “said Benny. He points out that they would never have done “Mamma Mia” if the text had to be rewritten.- And it also applies to any idea of a “Mamma mia 2”.



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