Anni-Frid – “Liv reminded me of myself”

15 12 2009

Prize awarding Anni-Frid Lyngstad, 64, was moved after the gala. There was especially one of the heroes who made an impression on her – Life Kjellberg, 10. “I myself was a bit off,” says the former ABBA star.

– She reminded me of myself when I was little. I was not bullied, but a little off.

Although she has not appeared on television in years, when she was asked to award a prize at the Swedish-Heroes gala, she could not say no.

– I always say no when  asked. But this I felt I wanted to be a part of. It is so inspiring to see ordinary people so happy. It’s nice and I was actually reminded of how lucky I personally felt at the beginning of ABBA, ”

Although she was very nervous about her involvement, she does not regret that she was part.

– It was great fun to be with on this. It gives a tremendous joy. I got so much in the mood that I almost forgot that I was up on stage.

Where she gave a prize to the couple Sam and Stina Dahlgren  who during 58 years have supported vulnerable, homeless and lonely people in Stockholm.

– It’s amazing how they stood up for other people for so long, ”

She was, like the thousands in the audience, struggling to hold back tears during the gala.

– I sat beside a woman who was crying constantly. I would also  have done but I knew I had to get up on stage.

In particular, she was touched by the ten-year old Liv Kjellberg from Sollebrunn who won the fight against bullying in school. It made Frida  think back to her own childhood:

– She reminded me of myself. I was not bullied, but a little off. To which she reversed bullying into something positive, it’s just fantastic.



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