Calling ALL Fans!

4 01 2010

Phillippe from the great site has posted a request for help in getting some video items from forthcoming Swedish TV – if you can help please contact him here.

Below is the plea from his website.

An URGENT Request from


! Calling all ABBA fans in Scandinavia !
For once, i ask you something :
could you, please, record the following TV show
and send it to via MegaUpload
or on DVD via my postal address ?

If you are able and kind enough to do that,
please, contact me here

i’ll do my best to share it online with your name credited.

Here are the details of the show :

Tuesday, January 5th on SVT1
starts at 18.10 (6.10pm) / ends at 19.30 (7.30pm)
program : “Minnenas Television – Nöjesmaskinen”

Ett program från den första säsongen, 1982.
Stina Lundberg och Sven Melander hyllar den
då just bortgångna filmkomikern Jaques Tati
och samtalar med huvudgästerna John Denver och ABBA.
Givetvis blir det också pingviner och ballongdans.
Allt i “Ove Nilssons mammas favoritprogram”.



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