MY My @ ABBAWORLD,I Did surender!

22 01 2010

My special preview of ABBAworld as a guest of  media services last week was an amazing day. The whole experience is full on from start to finish.  Having seen costumes and gold discs before my favourite  moments are the Studio,Benny & Bjorn’s island hut. It really is like being there and I got so lost up with the experience it just felt so real.  You will love every second of this adventure.  A million and one thanks to the creators and all the team who have worked so hard to make this experience for us.  ABBA fans will nearly keel over from the buzz and excitement but it’s an experience that will give enjoyment to those who simply “like ABBA”. A must see event in London.  I hope to see all of you at the world premiere on Tuesday and the opening day on Wednesday for my next visit to ABBAWORLD.



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