Benny Andersson on ABBA reunion: “It was a joke”

28 03 2010

Benny Andersson on Abbas reunion: “It was a joke ‘

NEW YORK. It’s been 27 years since Abba decided to go separate ways. 27 years of rumours, speculation and hope of the spandex-clad pop group would be willing to do it again. But 27 years of “no chance”. So what’s the difference this time? Maybe it actually was Benny Andersson himself who said: – It is not a bad idea …

Before we go further with this, and before the horse has bolted for all the fans, we hold that the door to which Benny said to have opened when he was interviewed in the British Times, is at most, ajar.
It was the respected British newspaper who reported the duo Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, during a call with reporters, suddenly turned upside down in all his years of intense denial and instead chose a more open reply to the question.
It was not from the perspective of a new world tour – the quartet who once refused to do for seven billion – but was based on the setup of a smaller and more intimate event, with an orchestra and with the more mature material from the later discs.

“Not a bad idea”

– We could sing “The Way Old Folks do”, should have said since Bjorn Benny had wondered about the courses:
– I do not know if the girls sing as much anymore? I know that Frida has been in the studio.
In addition, Benny, having found “It’s not a bad idea actually.”
One answer enough to excite the most TOUGH fans – those who have heard rumours over and over again and always the same emptiness in the extension.
– All of my Facebook page was full when I woke up this morning. I was just trying to reassure the public with “That’s the rumor we have heard before.” Then I saw that Benny had actually said something, “says Anita Notenboom, the founder of Abbas’s official fan club.

“Is there huge demand”

– It would be epic, “said Michael Endelman, one of the editorial heads of the U.S. music magazine Rolling Stone, when the Express talking to him.
– If they made a tour again, it could become one of the largest in the world ever. Just how much they have been here in the U.S. with “Mamma Mia!” on Broadway and in film.
– There is clearly a huge demand, “he says.
But it’s not as good as it sounds in the Times when we get hold of Benny. He and Bjorn are currently in London to oversee rehearsals of “Kristina from Duvemala”, or “Kristina” in the musical, which premieres at the Albert Hall in April.
– All journalists think it is fun to write that “Abba to reunite,” says Benny with a certain weariness in his voice.
– That which we said was a joke. Irony. There is no more with it.
And then we were back to square one.

“We will not be disappointed”

Yet another defeat for the avid Abba Supporter who want nothing more than that the rumors, sometime, will have little basis.
– We have many young fans now, They are very active on the Internet and digging for all articles that could possibly contain something about a reunion, “says Noteboom.
But in her eyes is also the risk of failure – that Abba climb up on stage to the soaring expectations and demolishes the mythical image that many have of them today.
That’s right, however, Michael Endelman difficult to see.
– There is so much to destroy the myth that, at least not here, “he says and laughs at what you get for that is his picture of Abba – in the glittering tights and all that cheesy in how fashion was back then.
– I know they are bigger in Europe and might want to remember it as such, but Abba is not like Led Zeppelin, when we talk about myths, “he says and continues:
– Police made a successful reunion tour that people thought sounded pretty good. Van Halen is a little different, they have had so many singers, but still did a thing with David Lee Roth, which was cool. Led Zeppelin made a comeback in London, a show, but wanted people to see more of.
– But, he adds. I can not see that it would happen to Abba. We did an interview with Benny when they they were elected into the Rock and roll hall of fame. Where he has just told me that they have said no to one billion U.S. dollars. I do not see that they will change their minds.

Do not have a wedding song!

The rumor that  Abba is said to consider a private performance at  the wedding of Princess Victoria and Daniel. Has also been gaining, but agin it is simply not tue!




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