ABBA in Paris Match

30 04 2010

This month there is a 6 page feature on ABBA in the French magazine –Paris Match (April 22 edition)  The web site features some rare unseen photos taken in 1977.

Thanks to Gill

BENNY – The music goes on..

29 04 2010

The music goes on for co-founder, three decades after Abba disbanded

At 63, in short, music is still Andersson’s life, much to his satisfaction.

“I come here every day and try to deal with the muse,” Andersson says, speaking by telephone from his studio in Stockholm.

‘`I can do exactly what I wish to do. I don’t have to bother about making a living and all that, so I can aim for what I feel is important to do. And, as you can hear on that record with my band, I can just do whatever I feel like.

“That’s a great privilege that comes with having been a member of Abba.”

Benny Andersson’s Orkester represents a musical path Andersson trod well before Abba formed in 1972, quickly became a worldwide sensation and sold 375 million records to date.

As heard on Story of a Heart, the band takes him back to the Swedish folk music, polkas, waltzes and big-band arrangements that he heard growing up, played at home by his parents.

His father and grandfather — both “hobby -Musicians,” Andersson says – introduced him to the accordion, which he began playing at 6.

“We have a great music tradition in Sweden,” Andersson says, “which is actually based more on the fiddle rather than accordion. But that’s how I sort of started to come into the world of Swedish folk, and it’s been with me through all the years, actually. I feel very close to it.”

As a youth growing up in the 1950s and early 1960s, however, Andersson began being exposed to other music.

“It was a little different being here, though,” says the musician, whose first records were Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock (1957) and Italian singer Caterina Valente’s Du Bist Musik (1956).

“All the influences that came to Sweden came from Italy, from Germany, from France, German schlager stuff as well as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and the Beatles and all that. Being brought up in a European tradition is a little different, I think, if you compare it to most Anglo-Saxon bands.”

Andersson soon found himself in a rock band, the Hep Stars, and was inspired by the Beatles to begin writing his own music.

“Before that, nobody knew who wrote the songs,” he recalls. “They just thought, ‘This is an Elvis song’ or ‘This is a Cliff Richard song.’ Then all of a sudden you realise, ‘Wow, these guys write their own music. Maybe I should have a go at it … ’

“My first song wasn’t so good,” Andersson admits with a laugh. “My second, it’s a song called Sunny Girl, was quite good as a melody.

After some modest early success, Abba’s breakthrough came at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, won by their song Waterloo, which subsequently topped charts in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as reaching No. 6 in the United States.

Andersson and his cohorts never looked back.

The group’s eight albums yielded 13 American Top 40 hits, including enduring favourites such as SOS (1975), Mamma Mia (1976), Take a Chance on Me (1977) and the chart-topping Dancing Queen (1976).

Abba’s catalogue continues to sell three million records a year, which still surprises Andersson.

“When we quit Abba in 1983, I think we all said, ‘Well, there might be some records out there that people will buy maybe for a year. Maybe we’ll have a year or two with some money sort of drizzling in for the old records and that will be out,” he says. “So it’s a surprise to all of us that there’s still life in what we did in the ‘70s.”

Abba’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past March was another surprise, Andersson says, especially since even he doesn’t really think of the band’s music as rock.

“I take it as a true honour,” says Andersson, who attended the ceremony with Lyngstad and played keyboards while Faith Hill sang the group’s songs. ‘“We are and were sort of a solid pop band, and there is a difference between pop music and rock-’n’-roll music. Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wasn’t on the map, really, for us.

“On the other hand, there are a lot of pop acts already inducted, so I don’t mind,” he says. “I’m not the one who inducted myself, you know?”

Andersson and Ulvaeus involved themselves in musicals and concept pieces after Abba’s demise — Chess, a collaboration with Tim Rice, was a concept album three years before it was staged — and also went into production, starting with the brother-sister act of Anders and Karin Glenmark.

Own careers

Andersson released a solo album, Klinga Mina Klockor (Chime My Bells)” in 1987, and later put together Benny Andersson’s Orkester, starting with five fiddlers and subsequently recruiting singers such as Tommy Korberg from Chess and Helen Sjoholm, who had been part of Kristina from Duvemala.

The band started recording with a self-titled album in 2001, with Ulvaeus writing lyrics, and Andersson says that he tries to keep the group as busy as he can.

“The problem with this band is that they’re all having their own careers,” he says, “so getting them all in the same spot at the same time is the tricky bit. But it’s a good (project) for me because, if I’m not in a project, which is very rare, I can always write stuff for my band.”

The group comes together for seven or eight shows a year, usually outdoor dates in Sweden with a dance floor on the grounds and performances that go on for several hours.

“People dance and listen to the music,” Andersson says, “and it’s great fun.”

“In the old days with Abba we were sitting together, ganging along on guitar and piano, but it hasn’t been like that since Chess,” Andersson says.

“I write the music nowadays and send it to him, and, if he feels there’s a lyric to it, he’ll write that.”

By Gary Graff


25 04 2010

Voulez-Vous DVD Preview

21 04 2010

Oh, Kristina!

15 04 2010

Last night’s amazing performance of KRISTINA at London’s ROYAL ALBERT HALL was a huge success.  This is the front cover of the exclusive brochure from the show. More pictures and video to follow!


13 04 2010

Benny and Bjorn have spent the day at the Royal Albert hall doing various press interviews etc before tomorrow nights UK premiere of KRISTINA. Amazon UK have reported that the KRISTINA AT CARNEGIE HALL CD released on the 12th sold out on Monday,and are rushing to fill existing orders. The CD has received many outstanding reviews as did the actual concert in New York. Both Benny and Bjorn will be present at the Royal Albert Hall concert and will appear on stage with the cast.(At the end of course!) Get those camera’s ready!

Benny’s new song for Victoria’s Wedding Gala

12 04 2010

Benny has been given the honour of writing a special song for the June wedding of Princess Victoria.


The day before the wedding (June 19th) the Government will host a state  gala in honour of Victoria and Daniel Westling. So far it is unclear who will attend and who will perform at the event.

A specially written composition to be played the night before the wedding of Victoria & Daniel.

Benny On U.S radio

9 04 2010

Benny will be on Sirus Radio on July 4th

Benny will discuss his European hit single and album “Story of a

Heart,” which was co-written by Bjorn Ulvaeus.

The CD album Story Of A heart will be released in America in July on Decca.

On Sirus this Sunday (April 11) – Björn will join Per Gessle of Roxette to host  SIRIUS XM’s Scandinavian music show Nordic Rox.  Björn will talk about ABBA’s recent induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and play songs by artists who have influenced him throughout his career.

Agnetha Fältskog’s secret 60-celebration

6 04 2010

Swedish newspaper –Expressen have today started to find out where Agnetha’s 60th birthday party was held!

Congratulations Agnetha, 60 years!

ABBA star Agnetha still filled yesterday and celebrated the big day in the greatest secrecy at an undisclosed location:

– It makes her somewhere where nobody knows where she is, not even me, “says Björn Ulvaeus.

Super Star Agnetha over the years has made a reputation as an extremely timid Swedish superstar.
The singer rarely appears in official contexts, the premieres, galas and parties. This is because the former ABBA-profile not at all happy with being in the limelight with his eyes at him.
And yesterday’s 60th anniversary was no exception.

Do not know where

Agnetha celebrated in great secrecy, with carefully selected guests.
Not even her closest circle of friendsi know where, how and with whom she chose to celebrate the 60th birthday.
Bjorn Ulvaeus, who for eight years, from 1971 to 1979, was married to Agnetha and who has a daughter Linda Ulvaeus and a son Christian Ulvaeus with the singer, says that even he does not know what the arrangement were.
– I really do not know. She does it probably somewhere where nobody knows where she is. I do not know where she is, “says Björn Ulvaeus.
Express has attempted to ask Benny Andersson, Agnetha’s press spokeswoman Görel Hanser, and Staffan Lindé, long-standing associate of the star, for comments.

Brighton 1974.

6 04 2010

36 years ago!!!!