Agnetha Fältskog’s secret 60-celebration

6 04 2010

Swedish newspaper –Expressen have today started to find out where Agnetha’s 60th birthday party was held!

Congratulations Agnetha, 60 years!

ABBA star Agnetha still filled yesterday and celebrated the big day in the greatest secrecy at an undisclosed location:

– It makes her somewhere where nobody knows where she is, not even me, “says Björn Ulvaeus.

Super Star Agnetha over the years has made a reputation as an extremely timid Swedish superstar.
The singer rarely appears in official contexts, the premieres, galas and parties. This is because the former ABBA-profile not at all happy with being in the limelight with his eyes at him.
And yesterday’s 60th anniversary was no exception.

Do not know where

Agnetha celebrated in great secrecy, with carefully selected guests.
Not even her closest circle of friendsi know where, how and with whom she chose to celebrate the 60th birthday.
Bjorn Ulvaeus, who for eight years, from 1971 to 1979, was married to Agnetha and who has a daughter Linda Ulvaeus and a son Christian Ulvaeus with the singer, says that even he does not know what the arrangement were.
– I really do not know. She does it probably somewhere where nobody knows where she is. I do not know where she is, “says Björn Ulvaeus.
Express has attempted to ask Benny Andersson, Agnetha’s press spokeswoman Görel Hanser, and Staffan Lindé, long-standing associate of the star, for comments.




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