ABBA still feels the love in Australia

31 05 2010

If ABBA ever were to reform, Australia would be top of the list on their comeback trail.

But don’t get your hopes up, because the chance of pop music’s most anticipated reunion happening is ‘‘absolute zero’’, singer Bjorn Ulvaeus says.

Instead the man behind disco floor fillers like Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen is inviting fans to soak in the nostalgia of Sweden’s most famous foursome at ABBAWORLD in Melbourne. The interactive exhibition arrives in June after a successful opening in London and Ulvaeus says there was never any doubt about the choice of its second location.

‘‘Australia was the first country that took ABBA to heart and we never forgot about that. We always felt a lot of love from audiences there,’’ Ulvaeus said from Stockholm.

‘‘The chances of ABBA reforming are absolute zero. That’s something all four members agree on completely, because people remember us as young, energetic and exuding ambition and that’s the way it should be.’’

While ABBA are warmly regarded as one of the greatest pop bands of all time, it wasn’t always that way.

Despite winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with Waterloo, the spandex wearing quartet were originally written off as one-hit wonders.

‘Britain and America didn’t take us seriously and it wasn’t until S.O.S became a huge hit in Australia that other countries took notice,’’ recalled Ulvaeus.

Australia’s love for ABBA blossomed on a string of follow up hits, including Mamma Mia and I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do.

The band were so blown away by the reaction of fans at their early live shows, they returned in 1977 to film ABBA: The Movie.

‘‘I remember arriving in Melbourne and fans had lined the streets and were waving and screaming. They waited outside our hotels so we were pretty much locked in.

‘‘We experienced a feeling of coming home and it was as if Australia felt ‘ABBA is ours’ and we loved that.

‘‘It was the obvious choice for the movie and if ABBA ever were to reform we’d be back, but the chances are zilch.’’

Ulvaeus and fellow founding members Anni-Frid ‘‘Frida’’ Lyngstad, Benny Andersson and Agnetha Faltskog have previously been offered $US1 billion ($A1.18 billion) to reform.The four have never officially split but instead opt to live off the royalties of their hit songs and albums, as well as pursuing other projects like the smash musical Mamma Mia!

They famously gave their blessing to tracks being used in two 1994 Australian films, Muriel’s Wedding and The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert.

‘‘We usually say no to things like that but these two films were so touching that we agreed, and I’m happy today that we did,’’ said Ulvaeus.

ABBAWORLD looks set to be the latest chapter in Australia’s love affair with the legendary pop act.

‘‘It should be interesting to Australian audiences because much of it focuses on our humble beginnings,’’ explained Ulvaeus.

‘‘It’s very entertaining and fun and has a warm, playful tone.’’

And what of relations between his former band mates, are they warm?

‘‘We certainly speak and are the best of friends really. I don’t see the girls that much but me and Benny work together.

‘‘We were under the same ceiling for the first time in ages when Mamma Mia opened in Stockholm. The feelings came back very quickly and it was just like it used to be.’’

Sydney Morning herald

ABBAWORLD, the Official Interactive Exhibition approved and supported by ABBA, opens at Melbourne’s Federation Square on Saturday 19 June.

Do You Want? Deluxe Edition

30 05 2010

Abba. A Nordic legend.

27 05 2010

New French ABBA book.

Jean-Marie Potiez (author of ABBA – The Book, A tribute to Frida, ABBA La Legende and ABBA – The Scrapbook) is publishing a new book about ABBA, it will be released September 23, 2010

Titled  Abba. Une légende nordique (Abba. A Nordic legend) It features a new photo on the cover from the Voulez-Vous single photo session. There will also be many new pictures in the book.

The book can be pre-ordereded at

  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Editions Didier Carpentier (September 23, 2010)
  • Language: French
  • ISBN-10: 2841676803

  • A second French book will also be released in September, simply titled  Abba de Collectif (Abba The Collection.)


    Publisher: Star Publishing (September 6, 2010)

    Collection: BIOGRAPHIES

    Language: French

    ISBN-10: 2360830139


    23 05 2010

    MY, my … can it really be 36 years since Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo?

    Yes, it’s true and two of the stage outfits worn by the Swedish supergroup on that famous occasion in April 1974, are going on display in a new multimedia exhibition at Federation Square.

    Abbaworld, opening on June 19, features Agnetha Faltskog’s midnight blue tunic and knitted cap alongside Frida Lyngstad’s folkloric shirt and skirt.  “To me, the Abba costumes are works of art,” Abbaworld project manager Judith Penrose said yesterday.

    Mamma mia: ABBA fans can get their fill at the Federation Square show. Source:

    Abba’s Eurovision success is a legendary pop story. In 1973, Agnetha and Frida joined band mates Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson in presenting Ring, Ring as a Swedish entry for the competition.

    A year later, the foursome were known as Abba – an acronym of their first names – and blitzed the competition at Brighton with Waterloo. This infectious song shot to No. 1 around the world and an album of the same name paved the way for Abba fever.

    “For some, Waterloo was a defeat, but for Abba, it was the beginning of an empire,” the group’s costume designer Owe Sandstrom said.

    Exclusive to Melbourne, Abbaworld takes visitors on an interactive journey through Abba history.

    Here I Am! -The first Solo single from, JENNY (Ace Of Base) BERGGREN

    20 05 2010

    Ace Of Base singer Jenny Berggren has released her first solo single to be followed by her first solo album “MY STORY” in September.

    Check out the awsome video and this amazing track! Here I am is available for Download from May 19th

    The single is also available from Cd On

    The single + remix’s + album will be released on iTunes at a date to be confirmed.


    17 05 2010



    14 05 2010

    Carl Magnus Palm has written about the new Deluxe edition of Voulez-Vous, and how it will contain a new full length version of DREAMWORLD!


    Voulez-Vous was first released in Sweden in April 1979. Although sessions had begun more than a year earlier, the recording period resulted in a number of unreleased tracks in various stages of completion, and half the album was actually written and recorded in a burst of creativity in the last few months before the release. Featuring hit singles such as ‘Chiquitita’, ‘Does Your Mother Know’, ‘Voulez-Vous’ and ‘I Have A Dream’, it was not an all-out disco album, although several of the tracks featured an insistent dance beat and funky rhythms, and the sleeve was shot at the Alexandra’s discotheque in Stockholm.


    Following on from the Deluxe Editions of Arrival and ABBA – The Album, work on the Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition begun back in 2008. Although much was accomplished back then, for various reasons it was put on the back-burner and not revived until the autumn of 2009. The format is the same as for previous Deluxe Editions: one disc a CD of the original album plus bonus tracks, one disc a DVD of rare and previously unreleased television material relevant to the Voulez-Vous era. All tracks on the CD have been remastered especially for this release, all in an effort to further improve the sound quality on ABBA releases.

    The bonus track ‘Dream World’, recorded during the Voulez-Vous sessions but not released until 1994, should be of special interest to completists. When this track was first issued on the Thank You For The Music box set, it was faded in to conceal a damage on the master tape. For the Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition release we managed to locate a tape without the damage, meaning that ‘Dream World’ now appears “in full” for the first time on CD.

    read more here


    2011 ABBA CALENDAR! No.2

    13 05 2010

    This is the second 2011 ABBA calendar to be released -so far! This one is from redstar. Due for release in June 2010

    2011 Calendar No.1 released earlier this year from Blossom Rock. Buy now from the fan club shop


    11 05 2010


    In conjunction with the release of Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition, ABBA – The Official Site will offer a limited edition silver necklace.

    Featuring the ABBA logo, it’s similar to a necklace worn by Agnetha and Frida during the ABBA years.

    The necklace has been manufactured in a strictly limited edition of only 350. The silver necklace measures 4.5 + 5 cm and will only be available for purchase through ABBA – The Official Site on a first come, first served basis.

    The price is USD 69.99. Get them while you can…!


    ABBAWORLD OZ DELAY -New opening date for ABBAWORLD in Melbourne is June 19th.

    10 05 2010

    ABBAWORLD, the Official Interactive Exhibition approved and supported by ABBA, opens at Melbourne’s Federation Square next month with a new opening date of Saturday 19 June.

    The re-scheduled date, one week later than planned, is due to freight delays caused by the recent volcanic ash clouds experienced in Europe.

    Information for the public holding tickets for original opening week:

    • Tickets purchased dated for sessions between June 12th & 18th will be honoured for all future sessions.  Patrons should simply bring their tickets to the box office and will be issued new ones for the next available session.

    • Ticket holders will also be issued an additional free entry for each ticket they hold to the same session as they attend – allowing each ticket holder to share the experience with a friend. Again the additional ticket will be issued when the ticket holder presents at the box office at the venue.

    Book online and SAVE!