29 09 2010

Agnetha and Frida have made the front page of the UK Daily newspaper “Daily Express”


The Vinyls -Pre-order reminder.

27 09 2010

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23 09 2010

Side A
1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
2. Fernando
3. Summer Night City
4. Under Attack
5. The Day Before You Came

Side B
1. Lovelight
2. Happy Hawaii
3. Elaine
4. Should I Laugh Or Cry
5. Put On Your White Sombrero

Mamma Mia! Bjorn get’s his say.

22 09 2010

Björn Ulvaeus, one of the co-founders of legendary Swedish pop group ABBA, criticised the Danish People’s Party (DF) today for their use of the band’s ‘Mamma Mia’ song at their national congress this past weekend.

Ulvaeus found out about the song’s use through an email which left-wing activist group, Modkraft, sent to his manager, Görel Hanser, asking if Ulvaeus was a backer of the right-wing Danish People’s Party.

Leader of Swedish group made it clear band’s music may not be used politcally

Publishing company Universal Music sent an email response from Ulvaeus back to Modkraft stating that ABBA ‘does not allow their music to be used in any political context’. Hanser said that he was looking into the matter further to determine if any additional action would be taken.

DF’s youth group played the song at the congress in honour of the party’s leader, Pia Kjærsgaard.


Update: ABBA lets political party off hook

Publishing company says band members willing to overlook improper use of song

The Danish People’s Party’s use of the song ‘Mamma Mia’ at their national congress this past weekend will not have any legal repercussions, according to a representative for Universal Music, which holds the publishing rights for the song.

British newspaper Daily Telegraph ran an article in its Friday issue alleging that Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, the male duo in the Swedish pop group who wrote the song, had filed a lawsuit against the political party.

But Universal Music’s Olle Rönnbäck told DR that that information was not correct and that no action would be taken.

‘The Danish People’s Party has agreed to stop using the song and that means the matter is concluded as far as we’re concerned,’ said Rönnbäck.

ABBA stated that they do not allow their music to be used in any political connection, and no permission for the use of the song had been obtained by the party’s official youth arm, DFU, which came up with the idea.

Frida sings again.

20 09 2010

(update of translation to follow)

Sing again after six years of silence

SUNDAY INTERVIEW. After six years of silence sings Anni-Frid Lyngstad again, the guitarist Jojje Wadenius albums. For DN’s George Cedar Forest talks to the Abba singer on new releases, plans and whether she will sing together with Agnetha again.

The twenty-nine years ago Abba released a studio album, fourteen years ago solo album “Deep Breath” and six years since she sang at all on disc.
But the meeting is infact frank.

– Frida has a clean, clear, very special, almost singular voice with sharp edges, large scale and fine sound at the bottom. She sang much in unison with Agnetha and must then make efforts to reach her pitch. There was the metallic element significantly, and there, I think, created a lot of Abba sound, “says Bjorn Ulvaeus when DN ask him to describe her vocal assets.

Anni-Frid Lyngstads glossy mezzo-soprano has darkened, of course, but not slowed. She begins Jojje Wadenius new album “reconnection” with a particularly brilliant shot in the four quarters of “Morning Has Broken”. It takes a real popdrottning – her formal name is now Anni-Frid Prinzessin Reuss von Plauen Gräfin – to revive Cat Stevens worn campfire show.

– The origins of this project is that I Jojje and are very good friends, I’ve known his wife Brit since the 1970s, she is definitely one of my closest friends, explains Lyngstad when DN reaches her home in Zermatt, Switzerland.

– We have long talked about doing something together, and this connection when you do not wear anything that solo singer felt great to be involved in.

She praises the musical outcome.

In addition Wadenius characteristically smooth jazz guitar and holds scat singing “reconnection” guest appearance by Helen Sjöholm, Nicolai Dunger, Peter Jöback, two Kleeruplåtar and also blowing oxygen Nina Persson of Dire Straits psalm as “Brothers in Arms”.

Anni-Frid Lyngstads decision to participate was not without anguish. The decision was preceded by an active pepper spirit:

– Brit came and visited me here. We sat at night and had drunk some wine and so I played an album with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, began to sing a bit to it and she said: “But you can not just knock it off! Your voice sings to the angels, you must continue “(big laugh). So she inspired me to take the first step. You need to always hear that it is good enough.

choosing the song, however, was simple. Not just because she always liked Cat Stevens.
– When I married my husband Russo, who passed away ten years ago, we had a great “Morning Has Broken” as our önskelåt in the church. So it is a fine memory for me, more than just as a Cat Stevens song.

Abba may be a distant chapter of Anni-Frid Lyngstads life. It is twenty-six years ago she moved to Switzerland. But she `s still alive with music”.

– My musical appetite is very big, but I do not listen as much of Lady Gaga, and that sort of music, I’m still in my old setup: I love soul and r & b and visiting at the moment very Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, they are to my absolute favorites, and Chicago – and TLC, they are phenomenally good.

Are there other musicians and songwriters that you would like to work with?
– I do not dream that way anymore, but I have many international friends and musicians it is clear that we’re talking about that it would be fun to do something together. Mick Hucknall (lead singer of the British soul band Simply Red) is a close friend and sometimes we have joked about doing something together jazzy.

A few more live performances of Anni-Frid Lyngstad can fans anyway stop hoping.

– No, no I will not do any longer, I can say. It would be too stressful and nervous. It’s like with any job, is not so you lose the routine, and creating stage fright – and it would not be so happy to deal with (laughs). When the sounds I’d rather be.

How would you describe your voicee today? How has it evolved?
– What is happening is understood that the voice record falls down a few pegs, and it is less bulky than when I was younger, but of course it happens all the singers. But while it has been different depth and maturity that might be attractive.

When asked if there is one quality that a singer as she wished she immediately selects  Agnetha Fältskog.

– It is enough for all the singers that when you listen to each other so there is always someone else who you think is fantastic. I can only go to Agnetha’s voice. Since I am a mezzo-soprano, I’d never be able to sing like that. mine is much lower and that is why we balanced each other so well. Our voice was very successful combination, it is hard to find elsewhere.

Have you ever spoken to sing together again?
– We talk and laugh about it sometimes, but life is changing, getting older and there are so many other things that may be important and takes time. But it is clear that it would be great to do something with Agnetha. Though it is difficult, we would do something it would come with all forms of requirements and all the pressure. There is such a curiosity so that we can never do something unpretentious, just because I do not think it will be enough.

She is aware that there has been a long pause between her public singing efforts. Though it does not mean that she has no desire or will.

– There is always a light that burns within, that you would like to do something more. Jojje and I have actually talked further after this, so you never know.

The title of Wadenius-disc “reconnection” speaks especially to her and her relationship to music.

– At a certian age  you go back to the music that you’ve loved all these years and might want to make it their own somehow. There are more around the theme that I think Jojje and a little bit. But we shall see, a decision has not been taken yet, but so it is close at hand.

How do you see the Abba Fever which prevailed in recent years? Your discs have been restored by the critics and new generations of listeners find your music.

– When everything is true – as it did in our music even though we were not really aware of it then – then we will have a power and energy that will not run out but lives on in many different ways. It is a quality that is difficult to pin down and difficult to imitate. Sometimes the music rest for a while, but then something happens, as a project and the Abba musical movie that I love, and then brought the music back to life and is taking off among the new generations. The music becomes a legacy. I have a strong feeling that there will always be with Abbas music.

George Cedar Forest

ABBA GOLD Special Edition

17 09 2010

ABBA’s greatest hits album ABBA Gold, which to date has sold more than 28 million copies worldwide, will be re-released in a brand new ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition on November 29, 2010. The CD features the latest remastered version of the album, while the DVD features newly remastered versions of all the video clips featured on the original DVD.


The DVD will also include bonus selections in the shape of “before-and-after” split-screen comparisons of five original film clips and the remastered versions of those clips. The new ABBA Gold DVD also features a recently discovered archive find: a cartoon version of ‘Money, Money, Money’, made circa 1977. This very rare clip of ‘Money, Money, Money’ was made by the Australian production company Reg Grundy’s , but was only ever screened briefly during ABBA’s heyday and has never been seen in complete form since.

The remastering of the ABBA Gold video clips has been made by Cutting Room in Stockholm, Sweden, taking full advantage of the progress in digital technology since the clips were last remastered in 2002. You have never seen them like this before!

ABBA Gold Special Edition also features a brand new essay on the album by Elisabeth Vincentelli, author of the books ABBA Gold and ABBA Treasures.

The ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition will be released in a so-called flip-tray with a slip case. The worldwide release date is November 29, 2010, although dates may vary from territory to territory.

Cat. No: 060252752259
Track listing:

1. Dancing Queen
2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
3. Take A Chance On Me
4. Mamma Mia
5. Lay All Your Love On Me
6. Super Trouper
7. I Have A Dream
8. The Winner Takes It All
9. Money, Money, Money
10. SOS
11. Chiquitita
12. Fernando
13. Voulez-Vous
14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
15. Does Your Mother Know
16. One Of Us
17. The Name Of The Game
18. Thank You For The Music
19. Waterloo

1. Dancing Queen
2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
3. Take A Chance On Me
4. Mamma Mia
5. Lay All Your Love On Me
6. Super Trouper
7. I Have A Dream
8. The Winner Takes It All
9. Money, Money, Money
10. SOS
11. Chiquitita
12. Fernando
13. Voulez-Vous
14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
15. Does Your Mother Know
16. One Of Us
17. The Name Of The Game
18. Thank You For The Music
19. Waterloo

20. Money, Money, Money (cartoon version)
21. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (split screen)
22. Mamma Mia (split screen)
23. Dancing Queen (split screen)
24. The Winner Takes It All (split screen)
25. Money, Money, Money (split screen)


15 09 2010

It has been six years since Frida was last heard on disc. Now she sings again and this time on Jojje Wadenius new album “reconnection”.

Jojje releases his new solo album in November

The album’s big claim is undoubtedly Anni-Frid Lyngstads contributions. Her first recording since the contribution to Deep Purple organist Jon Lord solo album six years ago.
Frida initiates Wadenius disk with a very beautiful version of Cat Stevens “Morning Has Broken”. Frida  is a close friend of Jojje Wadenius Norwegian wife, Brit.

Her voice quality is still strong he says.- Yes, really. We have long talked about cooperating. Frida sings just fantastic. Benny always says “listen to the girls!” When someone pays tribute to Abba . I can only agree with it.

read an interview here

Listen to the song now click on (right top) “SENASTE SÄNDING” and then go to 1: 24 : 44 .

or listen below


Morning has broken, like the first morning.

Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,

Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.

Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlight from heaven.

Like the first dewfall, on the first grass.

Praise for the sweetnes of the wet garden,

Sprung in completeness where His feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning.

Born of the one light Eden saw play.

Praise with elation, praise every morning;

God’s recreation of the new day.

Morning has broken, like the first morning.

Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,

Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.