Frida Photo Auction @ ABBAWORLD

5 10 2010

COLLECTORS ITEM – A photograph of a lion fight photographed and signed by Anni-Frid Lyngstad Ruess. A signed photograph from a series of shots taken by Frida during a rarely seen fight between four male lions, in the Okowango Delta in northern Botswana 2005. (first out of ten)


Founders: ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD-REUSS and DAN DANIELL, Zermatt, Schwitzerland

KINDER IN NOT was established several years ago by Frida Lyngstad Reuss and her friend in Zermatt Dan Daniell. They wanted to help children in need and to create a charity without geographical borders but also without the large administrative costs that goes with a full-size organization. Since then several contributions has been made to children in need in Russia and Rumania. All contributions to the foundation are invested once a year in one or several different projects.  Last year (2009) KINDER IN NOT gave a donation to “Foundation Enfants de Papillon”, an organization for support and research regarding the very rare genetic disease Epidermolysis Bullosa or Butterfly Children.

The foundation has a bank-account in Switzerland and is monitored accurately by a lawyer.



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