Agnetha at 60 – Looking FAB!

29 12 2010

Read the full article from M magazine here


Agnetha -WOW!

27 12 2010

The cover and some pictures from the latest issue of ‘M’ magazine.

Agnetha wants to reunite Abba! Expressen article

26 12 2010

In Expressen they are reporting on the interview with Agnetha from M magazine. The next issue is out in Sweden on Tuesday the 28th.

Agnetha wants to reunite ABBA!  She reveals in a big interview with Amelia Adamo in M. She wants to meet the other members – and perform again.

– A reunion, a one-time basis, perhaps in connection with any charity, I think maybe we all could imagine, “says Agnetha.


Agnes has been long away from the limelight for many years. But in a major interview with Amelia Adamo in M Magazine she talks candidly about life today – and reveals that she wants to see Abba reunited on stage.
– We will hardly be reunited for a tour, like the Rolling Stones and other old bands do now. But however, I can imagine that we do something together in the future, ”
– It’s just a feeling I have that it would be fun to get together, talk a bit about the past and it may occur, something together. But it would have to be  something special. A reunion, a one-time basis, perhaps in connection with a charity, I think maybe we all could imagine doing this. I am open to see them and do something, she adds, but points out that she had not had contact with Björn , Benny  or Anni-Frid about this.

Had kept away

Abba split up in 1983, the chill between the members has been hard to hide. Agnetha divorced four years earlier with Bjorn and locked themselves up after Abbas’ departure. Since then she has been unavailable.
– I am very uninterested to appear in newspapers and television. Many believe that it’s just an attitude, that I want to create a sense of shyness. But I really have no desire. I got an overdose. But I have not completely pulled myself back, I have made three solo albums after ABBA-time, “.
Now she is happy with life on the farm outside of Stockholm. And  music has found it’s way back to her. She sings at the piano and has a bag with half-finished songs.

Want to sing theme song

– I was 15 when I started as a vocalist in a dance band. 18 years old, I made my first album. When I was 25 we formed Abba. After Abba, I’ve done three solo albums. Maybe I have been sufficiently productive. But still, there are dreams. – I would like to sing the theme song for a feature film. Think “Titanic”! she says.

order M Magazine from Tuesday

Merry Christmas everyone!

24 12 2010

ABBA The Inner circle interviews.

23 12 2010

Don’t settle for less and find out what really happened behind the scenes of ABBA’s hit producing magic.

If you are done with the politically correct stories which dominated the media for over thirty years and which were readily parroted in numerous books on the successful Swedes, read ‘ABBA — The Inner Circle Interviews’ and get to the bottom of the rise and fall of the most influential pop act ever.

New e-book

‘ABBA — The Inner Circle Interviews’ New e-book.

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‘ABBA — The Inner Circle Interviews’ is based on exclusive interviews by Marisa Garau and Frédéric Tonnon with numerous musicians, managers, friends and colleagues who worked closely with ABBA.

The authors have interviewed Mike Chapman, Phil Collins, Judy Craymer, Barbara Dickson, Marie Dimberg, Anders Eljas, Marie Fredriksson, Bruce Gaitsch, Claes af Geijerstam, Little Gerhard, Anders Glenmark, Rutger Gunnarsson, Lasse Hallström, Ola Håkansson, Svenne Hedlund, Gunnar Hellström, Peter Jöback, Thomas Johansson, Catherine Johnson, Martin Koch, Marie Ledin, Tomas Ledin, Steve Lillywhite, Per Lindvall, Kirsty MacColl, Lolo Murray, Olivia Newton-John, Bosse Norling, Liz Mitchell, Sir Tim Rice, Hansi Schwartz, Eric Stewart, Donna Summer, Michael B. Tretow, Sofia Tretow, Björn Ulvaeus, Lasse Wellander, Terry Wogan and Westlife. These key persons—who each played a unique part in ABBA’s legendary pop endeavour—make for a great must-read. After twenty years of silence they agreed to share their personal and unpolished views with you.

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21 12 2010

Happy Birthday Benny!

16 12 2010

M Magazine & Agnetha

11 12 2010

Emilia Adamo has written on her blog:

Guess who was sitting on my couch last night? Agnetha. I can not say more than that, we drank tea, ate bun (one a day she allows it) and had a nice time. The rest comes in the M # 1. Agnetha is the boss, not me, the words and pictures that is. Therefore, no blog picture.

Tuesday was remarkable. Then sat Agnetha on my couch! Why? There you will see the number 1 by M. Published in late December. I was “star-struck” for hours.

You can order your copy of issue No1 2011 of M magazine from December 28 ,2010


Björn On ‘Today’,Australia.

11 12 2010

Ahead of ABBAWORLD’s Sydney opening on the 17th, Björn gave an interview via satellite from Stockholm with Richard Wilkins on the “Today” programe. He spoke about ABBA’s appeal in Australia , the costumes and the exhibition.

He was asked if he keeps in touch with the other members, he said: “I don’t know what they are doing right now!’ – “I’m sure that I will see Agnetha on Christmas Eve, that’s for sure, because we have three grandchildren together, and we spend a large part of Christmas together actually.”

24 Hours with Agnetha! -M

10 12 2010

Swedish Magazine ‘M‘ is to feature an exclusive feature about Agnetha in it’s next issue out on December 28,2010. Issue 16.