The ORIGINAL Bucks Fizz – ‘Like’ petition.

15 01 2011

The Original Bucks Fizz was formed in 2004 for a series of Here and Now concerts. That line up consisted of Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan Shelley Preston and Bobby Gee. Since Bobby owned the rights to ‘Bucks Fizz’ and performed with 3 other singers (non of which won the Eurovision song contest in 81) He decided on the name ‘The Original Bucks Fizz’. After these shows Cheryl, Mike and, coming back to the fold, Jay Aston have performed under that name for 2 years, establishing themselves as a band within their own rights. Theatre tours, TV shows and a new single and video followed. Now, on their 30th anniversary of winning the Eurovision Song Contest, Bobby is objecting to them using the name….a name they have well and truly earned! Please show your support and click ‘like’ to this page to save one of Britains best and most successful musical exports of the 80’s

Please could you all click ‘Like’ on the online petition to save the bands’s a small gesture but they need all the help they can get!

Sorry for a Non-ABBA post but this is important to many fans who also like Bucks Fizz.



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