Bjorn at GayGala 2011 – Stockholm.

15 02 2011

This years Gay Gala was held at Circus in Stockholm last weekend. Special guest were Peter Joback, Sara Dawn Finer , Tommy Korberg and a bloke in a rather camp Mamma Mia! costume!!!!

All of Cirkus stands, cheering and applauding, excitement lifted the roof when Bjorn Ulvaeus made his entrance to award the prize for  “Gay Person of the year” in a Mamma Mia! outfit! (“And I you cannot see his package. Mamma Mia!”) He thanked the  gay public on behalf of the members of Abba. He spoke of how Abba went from hot to not Cool. But there was a world in which their status always remained high, it was among the gay community. He wants to celebrate all that ‘unlimited love’ they felt through the years from the gay community.

This year’s “gay person of the year” is Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin! The photographer who “broke through” with controversial Ecce Homo, which recently revealed a photographic exhibition of Jerusalem on faith and sexual identity, regardless of religion.

2011 “Gay of the year”: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Tommy Korbeg



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