3 03 2011

Super Trouper Deluxe Edition, The Official ABBA Site  has now announced the track list for the 2-disc set.

Disc 01: CD

01 Super Trouper

02 The Winner Takes It All

03 On And On And On

04 Andante, Andante

05 Me And I

06 Happy New Year

07 Our Last Summer

08 The Piper

09 Lay All Your Love On Me

10 The Way Old Friends Do

Bonus Tracks

11 Elaine

12 On And On And On (Full length version, stereo mix)

13 Put On Your White Sombrero

14 Andante, Andante (Spanish Version)

15 Felicidad (Spanish Version of Happy New Year)

Disc 02: DVD


Songs performed:

The Winner Takes It All

Super Trouper

On And On And On

02 Happy New Year (SVT)

03 Words And Music (DOCUMENTARY)

04 Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On Location With ABBA

05 Super Trouper (Remastered promo clip)

06 Happy New Year (Remastered promo clip)

07 Super Trouper TV commercial I (UK)

08 Super Trouper TV commercial II (UK)

09 International Sleeve Gallery

A few comments on the track list:
The original album and the bonus tracks have been remastered especially for this release, sounding better than ever. As for the bonus tracks, an exciting discovery was the stereo mix of the original, full length version of On And On And On, previously only available in mono. We are very happy to be able to include it on this Deluxe Edition of Super Trouper.

The DVD contains a number of television performances of tracks from the Super Trouper album, none of which have been released on DVD before. The same goes for the vintage documentary Words And Music, produced by Polar Music International, which features the group talking specifically about the Super Trouper album in the immediate aftermath of the album’s completion.

We are especially thrilled to be able to include a brand new featurette, entitled Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On Location With ABBA. This featurette is a brand new production, compiling footage that was shot on the night when ABBA and their album designer, Rune Söderqvist, assembled a crowd of friends and circus performers to create the spectacular photograph featured on the Super Trouper album sleeve. This archive footage has been gathering dust in the archives for three decades without ever being made public – until now.

As a bonus, we have included the original promo clips for ‘Super Trouper’ and ‘Happy New Year’ – both of which feature footage shot on the “album sleeve night” – to give the viewer further glimpses of what took place that night. The sequences included in the promo clips, shot by director Lasse Hallström, are completely different to the footage in the featurette, filmed by a separate film crew. The promo clips are the newly restored and remastered versions, out of which only ‘Super Trouper’ has been released before (on last year’s ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition); the restored ‘Happy New Year’ is seen for the first time.




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