Linda Ulvaeus – The Author!

17 04 2011

Linda Ulvaeus has debuted as an author of children’s books in collobration with illustrator Johanna Lundqvist and actress Suzanne Reuter (Reuter is Linda´s neighbour.) The books  are called “Leja Li och busbullen” and ”Leja Li, pappan och fisken”. They come as sets of traditional books and CD books. Lundqvist has illustrated the books and multimedia and Reuter is the voice on the CD. 

Linda wrote the books during a one month period at the end of her pregnancy. She was still feeling  very creative but felt she was unable to work as an actress because of her size during the pregnancy, so she sat at the computer and started writing. The work ended up as four books. Two have now been released and the remaining two are planned to be released in the autumn. 



Björn Ulvaeus  even attended on of the book readings in Stockholm.



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