New Abba material is not forthcoming, says Benny Andersson

8 02 2012

ABBA’s male members, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus are currently preparing the musical Kristina från Duvemala at the Svenska Teater in Helsinki .

Kristina från Duvemala The musical tells of Swedes, who move to the United States. Originally, the musical had its premiere in Sweden in 1995.

“This has been an absolutely amazing experience”, both say.

Last week it was reported that Abba’s The Visitors Deluxe Edition will be released.,The latest edition of the album is accompanied by an “unreleased” Abba song. Andersson and Ulvaeus say the news is an exaggeration.

“It’s just a demo of Like An Angel Passing Through My Room.  It is a good illustration of the process in recording a song, thereby making the “song” something interesting to release,” Andersson says.

Do the Abba archives have any more tidbits for publication?

“It does not, thank God.”

He will update it, how on earth Abba’s music has remained popular all these years.

“I do not understand it myself. We would never have believed that this would happen.”

Andersson asked what was the first supplier of Abba album. “Oh, Arrival. Yes, it is still pretty nice deck, the helicopter was a good idea,” he admits.

Abba members do not have much to do with each other nowadays, and to assure usUlvaeus says, Abba, will never occur together again – in spite of all sorts of rumors.




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