31 10 2012

Intermezzo 67 out now!

25 10 2012

Intermezzo Issue 67,  36-page, full colour A4 size magazine  full of news, special features, exclusive photos, an A3 sized poster showcasing a rare ABBA photo and great prizes to be won. 

In No. 67, you’ll find:

A full report on ABBA The Museum with exclusive behind-the-scenes details and info you won’t find elsewhere

All of the latest news and ABBA/ABBA-related releases (including new CDs and books,


ABBA at Madame Tussauds, Agnetha’s new album, Björn on the TV show Skavlan, interview with Björn for German press and much more)

Full report on Benny’s new musical project, “Hjälp sökes“, with exclusive info and photos

Exclusive interview with Peter Jöback, the Swedish star who originated the role of Robert in “Kristina från Duvemåla”

Report and exclusive photos on BAO’s Uppsala concert this past August

Special feature launch: Frida—Something’s Going On (including album discography)

Continuation of the feature on The Visitors, including an exclusive interview with Bertil Hjert about “Hovas Vittne”

A3 size poster featuring a rare unpublished outtake from ABBA’s rehearsal for the “Dancing Queen” video in 1976


15 10 2012


“BAO” in BOX “contains Benny Anderssons Orchestra all recordings-now divided into six CDs– (2 CD)/” BAO on tour “/Christmas songs (” Santa has gone home “). A total of 87 tracks and 5 hours of music! In addition, a booklet with all the texts, images, history, biographies, etc. The box also includes a double DVD with the TV shows “Benny Anderssons Orkester 10 years”-recorded at Sofiero Slott, Helsingborg and in Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg during the summer tour 2011 and “Benny Anderssons Orkester on new adventure” recorded at restaurant Rhubarb in Stockholm in 2001. DVD’s n “Benny Andersson’s Orchestra 10 years” contains two bonus tracks, which are not included in the TV version.
Producer Benny Andersson.
The Christmas CD is included in the box, but will also be released separately.

“TOMTEN HAR ÅKT HEM.,” and “BAO” in BOX ” released on november 14.

Tommy & Danny-I Can See Myself In You

15 10 2012

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“ABBA” says no to Eurovision

13 10 2012

You can stop hoping – Abba will not be in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo.

Benny Andersson closes all doors to a reunion.

– It’s not on the map, he says.

Ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö next year, there are thoughts on having the previous Swedish winners attend and a desire above all is a reunion of Abba.

Recording new material

When news of Agnetha recording new material came recently it ignited many hopes of a reunion.

Even an ABBA museum will open in Stockholm has got fans  hoping.Hopes that now seem completely shattered by Benny Andersson.

– It is incredibly far away with a reunion. It has never been so far away. Light years, he says.

But there are many who hope that you will show up in the Eurovision?

– Why do they want it?  Eurovision is in Sweden? We’ve had it twice in all cases since 1974, and we have not been there and we wont be there again, he says, laughing.

Celebrating his colleague

However, he reveals that he has been listening to Agnetha’s new material – and he pays tribute to his former band colleague.

– It’s great that she does. I have listened to some. It sounds incredibly modern and good.


New Jul Lp for BAO!

9 10 2012

BAO will release a Christmas album on November 14,2012 called TOMTEN HAR ÅKT HEM.  It will  contain both old and new Christmas songs the new ones of course written by Benny.

Info abbatoday

New song by Björn:

Two stunning voices and one of Sweden’s greatest composers in a unique meeting. The result is an epic ballad with Nordic melancholy and international glory.

So to summarize single project – “I Can See Myself In You”. The song is composed by none other than Bjorn Ulvaeus (text) and Tobias Gustavsson (music).

The song will  premiere  live, for the first time during the opening ceremony of the Friends Arena on October 27.

The single “I Can See Myself In You” released digitally on October 15.

Here I go again: Abba’s Agnetha to record comeback album as she enters studio for first time since 1990s

5 10 2012

UK News Report

Reclusive former Abba star Agnetha Faltskog is launching a comeback.

The blonde singer, now a 62-year-old grandmother, has returned to the recording studio to record an album of new songs for the first time since the 1990s.

But, sadly for Abba fans, she is still rebuffing pleas to sing again with her old bandmates.

She is said to be working with Swedish songwriter Jorgen Elofsson who has previously penned and produced tunes for megastars including Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Irish boy band Westlife.

After ABBA split in the early 1980s, Miss Faltskog pursued a solo career for a few years, but then went into a music hiatus for most of the 1990s.

Her last album, ‘My Colouring Book,’ contained cover songs and was released in 2004.

Miss Faltskog has repeatedly resisted calls for the hugely popular group to reform, even after the success of the film ‘Mamma Mia!’ which was based around their songs.

It’s understood that the other members of one of history’s most successful ever pop groups – Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad – have all pushed at various times to reform for a world tour.

Miss Faltskog was married to Bjorn after first meeting him at a café when she was 19. They wed in 1971 and had two children before they divorced at the height of Abba’s fame.

Abba won Eurovision in 1974 in Brighton. They went on to sell 350 million records, and their greatest hits compilation album, Abba Gold, stayed in the charts for more than 400 weeks.

The success was so extreme that Miss Faltskog still has difficulty believing it. ‘It’s nice to look back on it and sometimes I can’t comprehend it,’ she says.

She has two children and a 12-year-old granddaughter.

In Sweden, the singer is known as ‘Garbo the second’ because she shies away from publicity.

But she insisted in an interview: ‘They spread that I am hiding, that I am the new Greta Garbo. It’s not the way it is. I just want to live in peace and quiet.’

One of the reasons the singer gave for wanting a break from Abba was the rigours of touring around the world, especially after she had children.

‘I sometimes suffered enormously from a bad conscience and longing for my children,’ she said in an interview. ‘There were many mixed feelings and contrasts with Abba. Such as tours when we lived a life of luxury, then came home to washing up and cooking.’

But she insisted the reason she never wanted to get back together with the group had nothing to do with her relationship with her fellow female singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad.

‘We didn’t fight,’ she said. ‘But we have to live a whole lot of such misinterpretations. We supported one another. Say, if one of us had a cold or felt under the weather.’

‘We feel incredibly proud that the music never seems to die. A new generation likes it and that gives you great hope,’ she added after being presented with a lifetime achievement award by a Swedish newspaper.

In recent years, Miss Faltskog has appeared in public with the other three Abba stars at a number of premieres and promotional events for the film ‘Mamma Mia!’ But she still made it clear she had no plans to record with them.

A spokesman for the singer said it wasn’t yet known when the album of new material will be released.


Agnetha returns to the recording studio! A dream come true!

4 10 2012

Agnetha Faltskog has returned to the recording studio after eight years of musical silence.

The ABBA star is working alongside Swedish songwriter Jorgen Elofsson, who has previously written tunes for Britney Spears, Celine Dion and former boybandWestlife.

Agnetha Fältskog comeback.Right now she plays a new album with the help of the world-famous producer Jorgen Elofsson.

– I can confirm that she is in the studio, says ABBA singer’s spokesman Staffan Lindé to

In recent weeks, she has been in the studio with producer Jorgen Elofsson who have written and produced songs for international artists such as Britney Spears, Westlife and Kelly Clarkson.

Staffan Lindé confirms cooperation.

– The creators do their, it’s Jörgen sitting on and withholding information. He will tell you what has happened, he says. has repeatedly sought Jörgen Elofsson.

Agnetha Fältskog released a number of solo albums in the 1970s – and ’80s. 2004 released latest album ‘My coloring book “, after a break of 17 years.


3 10 2012

ABBA The Museum opens in Stockholm, Sweden
At last, ABBA the Museum opens in Sweden. ABBA’s collected works will be showcased in a contemporary, interactive setting at Swedish Music Hall of Fame, a new exhibit venue located at Djurgården, Stockholm, set to open next year.

The great search for all things related to ABBA’s music, lyrics, stage costumes, musicals and films has gone on for quite some time. And Swedish Music Hall of Fame provides the perfect framework for it, says original ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus.

’ABBA The Museum will fit right in at Swedish Music Hall of Fame, as it is a part of Sweden’s pop history. And the location at Stockholm’s Djurgården feels like coming home,’ says Ulvaeus.

Behind the scenes, Mattias Hansson – Managing Director of ABBA The Museum – is in charge of getting the museum up and running.

’Swedish pop music is an important part of our cultural heritage’, says Hansson. ’And ABBA is one of our most well known international brands. It’s our duty to give their work a permanent space here.’


ABBA remains Sweden’s most successful band of all time, with sales of 378 million albums around the world. ABBA The Museum will span the band’s career all the way from the start in 1970, via the breakthrough with ’Waterloo’ in 1974, the grand world tours and finally, the split in 1983. Since then, ABBA has lived on through a wide range of musical projects run by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, whose musical ’Mamma Mia!’ revived the public’s interest in ABBA’s music yet again. An interest   that never seems to fade – this week, ’ABBA Gold’ was officially named the best-­selling CD album ever in England.

’We’re proud and very happy that ABBA chose Swedish Music Hall of Fame to put their work on display and tell their own, personal story,’ says Charlotte Wiking, Managing Director of Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

Swedish Music Hall of Fame will show temporary as well as permanent music exhibitions ranging from the 1920’s until today. In addition, there will be a Hall of Fame devoted to Swedish pop music. Several guest curators and music industry representatives will be involved in making the exhibitions interactive and experience-based. The venue will suit a wide audience, with a special nod to children and young people.

In addition to the exhibitions, the venue will also host unique events linked to current music happenings; small and intimate gigs; courses aimed at schools and music lovers; a hotel called Melody Hotel; a restaurant with a bar, and a shop. ABBA The Museum will no doubt attract international attention and pull crowds into the 5,000 square ft building, situated between amusement park Gröna Lund and art gallery Liljevalchs at the heart of Djurgården.

In the first year alone, several hundred thousand Swedish and international visitors are expected to discover ABBA The Museum. The tickets are to be released later in the autumn and will be available at SJ’s outlets – phone +46 771-757575, SJ´s Resebutiker and

Some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent establishments stand behind ABBA The Museum: Parks & Resorts (Gröna Lund), Universal, Polar Music, Synergera Rättighetsförvaltning and Eventum have all contributed to its existence.

Proud business partners with an in-depth involvement include MasterCard, SJ, Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Viking Line. Media partners include SBS Radio and TV4. More partners will be added soon.

In the autumn of 2012, ABBA The Museum and its partners will arrange a press briefing presenting the museum’s contents, grand opening and ticket sales.

ABBA’s Gold is best-selling CD

2 10 2012

Mamma Mia! Abba’s album of greatest hits is Britain’s best selling CD album EVER as sales hit four million since it was released 30 years ago

The Swedish group – made up of Bjorn Ulvaeus, Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson – released their greatest hits compilation in 1992, 10 years after splitting, and it is now the only album to have sold more than four million copies on CD, at total sales of 4.04 million.

‘Gold’ is closely followed by Adele’s ’21’, which has so far sold 3.55 million, despite only being released in 2011.

Oasis’ ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’ is third on the list, while the late Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ was fourth.

The sales figures have been compiled by The Official Charts Company for the music industry body, the BPI, to celebrate the CD’s 30th anniversary.

Despite the rise of downloads and file sharing, two thirds of albums sold are still CDs.

Speaking about the launch of the small disc format, BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor said: ”It represented a great leap forward in sound technology, becoming one of the most successful consumer products in history. Music fans embraced its sound quality, durability, instant track access and ease of use.

”Even 30 years after its launch, it still remains the leading album format in the British music market.”

James Blunt’s ‘Back to Bedlam’, ‘No Angel’ by Dido and Leona Lewis’ ‘Spirit’ also made the top 10.

The top ten best-selling CDs:

1. ‘Gold: Greatest Hits ‘- Abba (1992) – 4.04m

2. ’21’ – Adele (2011) – 3.55m

3. ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’ – Oasis (1995) – 3.43m

4. ‘Back To Black’ – Amy Winehouse (2006) – 3.23m

5. ‘Back To Bedlam’ – James Blunt (2004) – 3.21m

6. ‘No Angel’ – Dido (2000) – 3.03m

7. ‘Come On Over’ – Shania Twain (1997) – 3.03m

8. ‘Spirit’ – Leona Lewis (2007) – 2.95m

9. ‘Urban Hymns’ – The Verve (1997) – 2.90m

10. ‘White Ladder’ – David Gray (2000) – 2.88m