ABBA The Museum to open 7th of May 2013

11 12 2012


A limited number of opening tickets on release now
It’s official as of today – ABBA The Museum will open on the 7th of May 2013. The first -opening weeks tickets will be released on Thursday, December 13th. The buzz is in full swing, as is the demand for tickets both in Sweden and internationally. In response, ABBA The Museum will now release opening tickets for the first three weeks, the 7th–31st of May 2013.
In October, Björn Ulvaeus informed the Swedish and international press of the plans for ABBA The Museum. Alongside Mattias Hansson, Managing Director of the museum, -confirmed that the museum is to be a part of Swedish Music Hall of Fame, located at Djurgården, Stockholm.
“We want to be available to everybody, from our very first opening day. Since a lot of music lovers and ABBA fans live outside of Sweden, we want to offer them a chance to get tickets beforehand in order to guarantee a unique first time visit”, says Mattias Hansson.
For those who prefer to make a spur-of-the-moment visit to the museum in May, there will be a limited number of tickets on sale at the venue. The opening tickets will cost SEK 195 (approx €23) and SEK 50 for children under the age of  8 (approx €6) and will be time-slotted in a bid to cut queues and give all visitors a music experience of a lifetime. All ticket sales in -Sweden and globally will be handled by SJ’s outlets; phone number +46 771 75 75 75, SJ Resebutiker,
The venue and the museum
ABBA The Museum will become the home of ABBA’s collected works, set to be showcased in a contemporary, musical and interactive exhibition that allows the audience to get close to their favourite band. ABBA The Museum is a part of the new Swedish Music Hall of Fame, and the tickets will be valid throughout the building. In addition to the two permanent exhibitions ‘The History of Swedish Popular Music’ and ‘Hall of Fame’, Swedish Music Hall of Fame will also host temporary, mostly contemporary music exhibitions.
The 5,000 sq. meter building, located at Djurgårdsvägen 68, Stockholm, includes 2,000 sq. meters of exhibition space, of which a considerable amount is dedicated to ABBA The Museum. -The museum is counting on 200.000-250.000 of Swedish and international visitors during 2013.
More on ABBA
ABBA remains Sweden’s most successful band of all time, with sales of 378 million albums around the world. ABBA The Museum will span the band’s career all the way from the start in 1970, via the breakthrough with ’Waterloo’ in 1974, the grand world tours and finally, the split in 1983. Since then, ABBA has lived on through a wide range of musical projects run by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, whose musical ’Mamma Mia!’ revived the public’s interest in ABBA’s music yet again. An interest that never seems to fade – earlier this year, ’ABBA Gold’ was officially named the best-selling CD ever in England.
Some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent establishments stand behind ABBA The Museum: Parks & Resorts (Gröna Lund and more), Universal, Polar Music, Synergera Rättighetsförvaltning and Eventum have all contributed to its existence.
Business partners with an in-depth involvement include MasterCard, Spotify, SJ, Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Viking Line. Media partners include SBS Radio and TV4.
Further information on the museum’s contents and previews will be released this winter.



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