Agnetha & Gary?

31 12 2012


The rumour mill went into overdrive recently when Gary Barlow mentioned he had recently been to Sweden and met Agnetha Faltskog.  It’s a huge thing to have Gary writing material for the hope of having that song included on Agnetha’s forthcoming album. But Gary and the album’s producer may be great friends but it will be up to Agnetha to feel a connection to the song or it simply won’t end up on the album. It’s no secret Gary wrote two songs for Agnetha and another was put forward even though not written with Agnetha in mind.  Gary’s work as the main judge on UK’s X factor, and his huge career with Take That will only be a great draw card for the album’s success in the UK.  Below is one of the recent newspaper features about Agnetha and Gary. (UK Daily Star, tacky heading though!)


Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow




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