Aftonbladet article on Agnetha & Gary.

1 01 2013


Agnetha Fältskog, 62, sings a duet with Gary Barlow, 41.

ABBA legend makes an exclusive partnership with Take That star on his comeback album.

– Gary has written a song they have sung in together, says Staffan Lindé.


Agnetha Fältskog betting hard on her comeback. Nöjesbladet can now reveal that the shy singer has recorded a duet with a superstar from a much younger generation.

– Gary Barlow has written a duet and sing it with Agnetha on her new album, says a source with good insight. (Staffan Lindé)

It is 25 years since ABBA star  recorded an album of new material.

For more than eight years since she released cover album “My Colouring Book”. But for his comeback in the 00’s she has Agnetha called in the real heavy artillery.

Nöjesbladet was the first newspaper in the world in October reveal that Agnetha went into the studio with Swedish super producer Jorgen Elofsson to record a new album that will be released on the record label Universal.

Agnetha’s spokesman Staffan Lindé confirmed the collaboration, but referred to Elofsson for more information.

Worked with Britney

Elofsson has previously worked with superstars like Britney Spears, Westlife and Kelly Clarkson, and now the most secretive of the biggest global artists.

Nöjesbladet has repeatedly sought Jörgen Elofsson during autumn and winter.

– I’m in Los Angeles, you woke me up, it’s the middle of the night, he responded in november before he hung up.

“I’m sitting in the studio”

– I do not want to talk to you. I have no time, I’m sitting in the studio, call later, said Jörgen Elofsson in mid december when he was back in Sweden but then refused to answer the phone.

Nöjesbladet has continued to seek Jörgen Elofsson without result.

Neither Agnetha Fältskog’s economic spokesman Staffan Lindé answered repeated phone calls.

Been quiet for 17 years

Agnetha Fältskog’s career choice:

Recorded his first song, “I was so in love”, 1967. Released several albums in the late 60 – and early 70’s.

As a member of ABBA from 1970 to 1983, she became one of the world’s best-selling artists. Only the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have sold more albums in the world. Recently the  collection album “ABBA Gold” has becomet the album which has sold the most copies for the UK.

After ABBA Agnetha released a solo album “Wrap your arms around me” 1983, “Eyes of a Woman” in 1985 and “I Stand Alone” in 1987. She also gave the kids album “Come join us in our carousel” in 1987 with her son Christian Ulvaeus, then nine years.

After 17 years of silence came “My Colouring Book” in 2004.

Gary Barlow’s career choice:

 Take That,  is one of the most successful boy bands and Barlow wrote a lot of hit songs for the band. The debut album “Take that and party” was released 1992

After the boy band’s breakup, he released his first solo album “Open Road”. The album was number one on the UK charts. Has since released two more albums.

Take That reunited in 2005  minus Robbie Williams and embarked on a highly acclaimed tour.

2011  Take That (Williams included) set out on a world tour. In 2012, Barlow has been a jury member of the British “X Factor”





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