Update On Autograph cards

30 05 2013


Dear Agnetha Fältskog customer,

With this letter we would like to inform you about the status of the promised

autographed Agnetha Fältskog cards in conjunction with the pre-booking of

her latest album “A”.

In April, Universal Music Sweden promised us autographed cards that we

could send out with the new album (both CD and vinyl). There were a limited

number of cards and on the 29th of April we removed this offer from abbasite.com

and bengans.se.

All those who had pre-booked the album before that date shall receive a signed card.

When the album was released, we had still not received the promised cards from

Universal. We then decided to send out the album without the card but with an

explanatory text on the packing slip. We now realize that not everyone paid

attention to this note.

We have finally received notice from Universal that the cards will be shipped

directly from them, not from us. Hopefully this means that you’ll soon have the

promised autographed cards in your mailbox. We’re obviously, so very sorry

for the delay.

We have for many years run the official ABBA shop and we have always had a

close and very good cooperation with the Swedish Universal Music. We hope

that your trust as a Abba fan will continue. We ask you to please contact

Bengans Postorder ( postorder@bengans.se  ) if you have any further questions.

We’ll do our best to keep you satisfied.

Kind Regards,

Bengans & Abba Webshop

For more information regarding the signed cards, read here:

https://www.facebook.com/UniversalMusicSweden    (see below)


And to those slagging off Bengans for this you are not being fair! The only people to blame are  1.Agnetha for not doing them in time  2.Universal for not pushing this.  Give Bengans a Break they offer an excellent service.



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