Aftonbladet: Fans rage against Fältskog’s video: “junk”

14 08 2013




Aftonbladet report:

Fans rage against Fältskog’s video: “junk”
The fans were asked to submit videos – now they are ashamed of the result
Agnetha Fältskog’s website asked  fans to participate in her new music video.
But after the premiere, their happiness was replaced with shame and anger.
– I thought it was a joke. This is not worthy, says Marcus Österström.It took 26 years. But last spring relead Agnetha released an album of new material. And the album, “A”, became an instant success.

The problems began when the second single “Dance your pain away” needed a music video. Via Agnetha Fältskog’s official Facebook page asked fans to send in videos of themselves as they dance to the song. Ten of these would then be in the music video.
“It’s rubbish” Fans’ expectations were sky high, but the project became something of a flop.

– This is rubbish. It looks like something homemade, cheap and bad. What was the record company thinking? says Frederik Garlen, 39.
He is not alone in his disappointment. Soon after the video was released on the Facebook page the angry comments flowed. Hundreds of fans describing their disappointment over what they perceive to be a music video of low quality.
– Many of us sat up and waited eagerly, and then we’ll see a video with old clips of Agnetha mixed with material from an instructional video. It does not feel worthy, says Marcus Österström 23 years, digital media producer.
Ask why the video was released
He asks why the video whatsoever was released and what has gone wrong in production.  Just hours after the premiere  Marcus Österström put together a music video for the song. A video that immediately became acclaimed as a better version than the Facebook page one.
– The song is wonderful, and there’s very many professionals who would like to work for free for Agnetha. Something must have happened, he says.
Nöjesbladet have searched Agnetha Fältskog’s representatives at Universal Music in London without success.

Today on Agnetha’s Official face book page she has written a personal letter to the fans who took part thanking them. Saying: I haven´t laughed this much in a long time – and now I just can´t stop watching it!
You guys really made my day Lots of love, Agnetha”.




(Did she watch the same video as us?!)   To be fair it does get less painful to watch the more you see it.




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