ABBA – The Backstage Stories – yet another alternate cover and title…

3 12 2013


The tale of ABBA – The Backstage Stories, its various titles and covers seems to be a neverending saga…by Carl Magnus Palm

ABBA – The Backstage Stories morphed into ABBA – The Treasures, which has now morphed into ABBA – The Backstage Story.

Completist ABBA fans, listen up! I hope you’re saving up for what’s going to be a very expensive 2014. In addition to the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German editions of ABBA – The Backstage Stories, there are now no less than three different editions of the English-language version (although the contents should be exactly the same).

1.  The version published by Bonnier Fakta, for sale in Sweden, entitled ABBA – The Backstage Stories and sporting the same cover as the Swedish version.


ABBA The Backstage stories (svensk utgåva)


ABBA The Backstage stories (engelsk utgåva)

2.  Carlton’s version, entitled ABBA – The Treasures, and sporting a different cover.


3.  And now a version sublicensed by Carlton to the UK retailer Sevenoaks Sound & Vision, which sports the title ABBA – The Backstage Story [yes, Story, not Stories] as well as yet another cover, pictured on this page. I don’t know exactly when the Sevenoaks edition will be published, but I imagine it will be in March, around the same time as Carlton’s own version.

abbathebackstagestory Sevenoaks edition

Where will it all end, I wonder…!

Click here to learn more about ABBA – The Backstage Stories.



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