Brighton Dome:Celebrate ABBA’s historic Eurovision win

21 02 2014

40 years ago this April, Brighton Dome played host to an historic moment of musical history as ABBA were crowned kings and queens of Eurovision. The winners had it all, fame, money and above all brilliant pop songs that live long in the memory. Now it’s time to celebrate this event with a great big party on the very spot it happened all those years ago…

Sun 6 Apr, 8pm (doors 7.15pm)

Join writer, performer and life-long ABBA fanatic Christopher Green (Tina C, Ida Barr, creator of the BBC’s Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, a piece documenting his ABBA obsession featuring an exclusive interview with Frida), for a unique opportunity to remake ABBA’s historic Eurovision Song Contest win on the very spot it happened, 40 years to the day.

In this party performance lecture celebrating ABBA and their momentous triumph, you’ll discover more about the history of the group and their cultural significance, experience their finest moments on film, and witness some extraordinary cover versions of the songs that didn’t s coop the coveted prize that year.

Wearing Napoleon’s get-up and channelling his inner Katie Boyle, Christopher will welcome special guests, and he needs your help reliving the moment pop music changed forever. Oh, and make sure you dress like it’s 1974.

Intermezzo Issue 72 -out Now

21 02 2014

intermezzo 72

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Benny: “Wembley ABBA live album on the way”

20 02 2014


It’s been a busy week for Benny Andersson. The 67-year-old was at Abba’s induction into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame on Thursday, just days after picking up the government’s Music Export Prize for special honourary achievement on behalf of Abba. Radio Sweden spoke to Benny Andersson at the Music Export Prize ceremony. He tells of 40 years since “Waterloo”, Universal’s release of a live album from the last Abba concert at London’s Wembley Arena in 1979 and the filming of the Swedish teen-witch book sensation, “The Circle”.


The Official Book – Amazing!

20 02 2014

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Global ABBA search finds Tasmania’s Grace McCallum

19 02 2014


By Belinda King and Tim Walker


There was only one spot for an international member on the choir created to for ABBA Museum’s 40th Anniversary concert being organised in Stockholm: last night Tasmania’s Grace McCallum found out it was hers.

Tasmanian Grace McCallum has been selected as the only international member of a choir created to celebrate 40 years of success for Sweedish band ABBA.

The 21 year old Hobart student has won an international competition and search, and will now travel to Stokholm to rehearse with the ABBA Museum in preparation for the celebrations in April.

Tasmanian Grace McCallum

“I checked my emails, and there was a big ‘your a winner’ email, and I pretty much jumped out of my skin,” Grace McCallum said. (Facebook)

Ms McCallum found out that she had been selected last night, after fellow competitors contacted her to find out who had won.

“I checked my emails, and there was a big ‘your a winner’email, and I pretty much jumped out of my skin,” she told Breakfast presenter Belinda King.

Ms McCallum, who has been in regular contact with other international entrants, said there are rumours that all members of ABBA will attend celebrations at the museum in Stockholm.

“I hope there will be one of the girls there, because they are my favourites.”

The choir is being formed to celebrate 40 years since the band broke through to an international audience via their 1974 Eurovision appearance.

Listen to international winner Grace McCallum talk about the exciting win with ABC Northern Tasmania Breakfastpresenter Belinda King

ABBA THE OFFICIAL BOOK -Spoiler alert (Again!)

17 02 2014

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Herald-Sun report on Mail on Sunday feature

17 02 2014



16 02 2014

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ABBA – The Backstage Stories – a sneak peek

14 02 2014

Preview from Carl Magnus Palm

March 2014 will see the publication of ABBA – The Backstage Stories, the book focused on the  memories of Ingmarie Halling who toured with ABBA in the Seventies, becoming a personal friend of the group in the process; today she is the Curator of ABBA The Museum in Stockholm. I have also contributed a number of chapters in the book, dealing with the background stories of ABBA’s visual presentation: the costumes, the album sleeves and the videos.

Today I received the first copy of the Swedish version of the book (the bulk of the copies are being transported from China by boat), and I have to say it looks really nice. I have a feeling that this is a book ABBA fans will really enjoy. If you’re a hardcore fan who has read, seen and heard everything, not every single word or image in the book will be unfamiliar to you. But I guarantee that there will be many new and unseen pictures and stories that only a few people within ABBA’s inner circle will have seen and heard before.

Here are a few sneak peeks from the book, just to give you a flavour of it.

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ABBA Gold – 40th Anniversary Edition

14 02 2014

ABBA Gold 40th Anniversary

ABBA‘s 1992 greatest hits album ABBA Gold will be reissued in April this year as part of the band’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

There have been various versions of this evergreen compilation over the years, including a 2CD edition and a CD+DVD offering. This new edition will actually be a three-CD set, presented in a digi-pack, and will feature the standard 19-track compilation on disc one, the More ABBA Gold set on disc two, and a third CD made up of B-sides (see full track listing below).

Around the same time a limited edition Waterloo seven-inch vinyl picture disc will be issued and as previously reported a deluxe edition of theWaterloo album will also be released.

It’s going to be a busy year for ABBA fans with a singles vinyl box coming up later in the spring and the autumn promising a Live At Wembley release.

ABBA Gold 40th Anniversary Edition will be released on 7 April 2014, and can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon in Germany.

Track listing:

  • 1. Dancing Queen
  • 2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • 3. Take A Chance On Me
  • 4. Mamma Mia
  • 5. Lay All Your Love On Me
  • 6. Super Trouper
  • 7. I Have A Dream
  • 8. The Winner Takes It All
  • 9. Money, Money, Money
  • 10. SOS
  • 11. Chiquitita
  • 12. Fernando
  • 13. Voulez-Vous
  • 14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
  • 15. Does Your Mother Know
  • 16. One of Us
  • 17. The Name of The Game
  • 18. Thank You For The Music
  • 19. Waterloo


  • 1. Summer Night City
  • 2. Angeleyes
  • 3. The Day Before You Came
  • 4. Eagle
  • 5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  • 6. So Long
  • 7. Honey, Honey
  • 8. The Visitors
  • 9. Our Last Summer
  • 10. On And On And On
  • 11. Ring Ring
  • 12. I Wonder (Departure)
  • 13. Lovelight
  • 14. Head Over Heels
  • 15. When I Kissed The Teacher
  • 16. I Am The City
  • 17. Cassandra
  • 18. Under Attack
  • 19. When All Is Said And Done
  • 20. The Way Old Friends Do


  • 1. She’s My Kind Of Girl (B-side to Ring Ring)
  • 2. I Am Just A Girl (B-side to Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough))
  • 3. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong (B-side to Waterloo French Version)
  • 4. King Kong Song (B-side to Honey, Honey)
  • 5. I’ve Been Waiting For You (B-side to So Long)
  • 6. Rock Me (B-side To I Do, I Do, I Do)
  • 7. Man In The Middle (B-side to S.O.S.)
  • 8. Intermezzo No.1 (B-side to Mamma Mia)
  • 9. That’s Me (B-side to Dancing Queen)
  • 10. Crazy World (B-side to Money, Money, Money)
  • 11. Happy Hawaii (B-side to Knowing Me, Knowing You)
  • 12. I’m A Marionette (B-side to Take A Chance On Me)
  • 13. Medley: Pick A Bale of cotton.. etc. (B-side to Summer Night City)
  • 14. Kisses of Fire (B-side to Does Your Mother Know)
  • 15. The King Has Lost His Crown (B-side to Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight))
  • 16. Elaine (B-side to The Winner Takes It All)
  • 17. The Piper (B-side to Super Trouper)
  • 18. Andante, Andante (B-side to Happy New Year)
  • 19. Should I Laugh Or Cry (B-side to One Of Us)
  • 20. Soldiers (B-side to When All Is Said And Done)

ABBA Gold 3CD 40th Anniversary Edition