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4 09 2014


Abba is a closed chapter, however, has Benny Andersson tried to persuade Agnetha to record an album with his own material.
The singer refuses however.
– She will not listen to me, Benny Andersson says.(Joking!)

Last year, “A”, Agnetha Fältskog’s first solo album of new material in 26 years.
When the 30 journalists yesterday gathered in Benny’s studio on Skeppsholmen to listen to the upcoming live album “ABBA live at Wembley Arena” Benny took the opportunity to give a quick review of Agnetha’s song.
-This okay, but I like her own songs best. She is an accomplished songwriter.
While she was here to listen to the live material, I told her to record her own songs, but she would not listen to me, says Benny with a wry smile.
On the upcoming live album by Abba, which is published on the 29th September, you can at least listen to a “new” recording and Agnetha.
On the album, there’s “I’m Still Alive”, a rarity that has remained unreleased all these years.

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It’s a good song actually. I think Agnetha wrote it specifically for the tour, said Benny
To a playback of a 35-year-old live material it attracts journalists from England, Germany and Australia and proof that Abba is still hot news overseas. For the international press  Benny beats them once again stating that a reunion of Abba will never happen.
– We are all very proud of what we accomplished, and I was surprised by how good it sounded live when I listened to the old stuff, but we have no interest in being reunited and we have no unreleased songs left to give out.
“ABBA live at Wembley Arena” documenting Abbas last concert in London, the world tour in November 1979  A gig  that both Joe Strummer (The Clash) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) visited. Parts of it were filmed by SVT, but this is the first time the concert is available in its entirety.
Benny’s son Ludvig Andersson has made ​​the selection, and even mixed the album.
– The basic idea was to keep everything. Nothing has been changed or added afterwards, except the drum sound that was partly missing in one song.


Av Anders Nunstedt




Father and son together.

Ludvig Andersson has worked with ABBA’s upcoming re-release of a classic Wembley concert 1979th
– I did this for me, because I was not born at the time, so I never got to hear this, he says.
There is no more unreleased ABBA material.
But a live album, it will be anyway.
Benny Andersson’s son Ludvig Andersson has gone through several days of ABBA live material, selected the night at Wembley and processed sound quality.
– Instead of taking several evenings and cut them together, it will be fine to have a whole night, so it’ll be like to be there, he said during a press conference in the studio on Skeppsholmen.
“I never got to hear this”
They play the songs from the upcoming live album before some 20 journalists from around the world, and Ludvig tells why he took on the job with the disc.
– I did this for me, because I was not born at the time, so I never got to hear this, he says.
Benny himself was surprised at the finished result.
– I did not think it sounded like good. When you’re on stage, everything sounds fantastic because you have the volume and the audience, and is in the midst of it, he says.
“We were not so bad”
Benny asked if the remastered album has made ​​him change his view of ABBA live bands.
– Maybe. We were not so bad, he says, tears down a laugh.
His son, however,  pointed out.
– They were very bad at talking between songs, says Ludvig Andersson!.
“ABBA live at Wembley Arena” will be released on September 29 this year.




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