Frida presents award at Gay gala 2015 in Stockholm

11 02 2015

One of those ABBA shock!


Anni-Frid Lyngstad shocked everyone when she got up on stage to award a prize for “Best gay / bi / trans” at Gaygalan 2015 at Cirkus.

– All of us have a value and is unique, she said.

It became a true ABBA shock when it was time to award the prize for “Best gay / bi / trans”. Sissela Kyle came on stage and said mysteriously:


– Now all wondering – who is here to share the prize. If you listen carefully …
Suddenly, you hear a voice singing the song “Fernando”. Then onto the stage slid Anni-Frid Lyngstad of ABBA. When the singer opened her arms to the audience they burst into complete euphoria. To say the least, the love in the room that Lyngstad received from the crowd, she was emotionally taken by their response.
– What a terrific host, said Lyngstad.


Silvana Imam

She awarded a prize that she held an impassioned value for.
– Yes I sing all about liberty – “freedom”. It must be part of every humans right to live in peace, said Lyngstad when the applause and cheers lasted for several minutes.
She continued:

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– All of us have a value and is unique.
Something Lyngstad thought ought to get people to distance themselves from ideologies and streams of thought that makes a difference to people.

Joyous cheers continued after Lyngstads speech. Then she shared the prize for “Best gay / bi / trans”.
– She is rappens Tarantino. A 176 centimeters tall power pussy, said Lyngstad.

The award went to rapper Silvana Imam who made an inflammatory speech against racism.
– But we LGBTQ people and heterosexual people driving a common struggle. And it’s racism. OUT WITH racists
The crowd’s cheers were not long in coming.


Peter Jöback won for “Best move” for his role as Candy Darling in “Life is a schlaget”.


Peter Jöback performing as Candy Darling



Helen Sjöholm






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