4 01 2016

Just want to clear up a few things about the up coming book ABBAMANAIA AUSTRALIA.

The cover that was show is TBC. Chances are the cover shown will not be the one used. There has been no decision on the final cover to date.

Use of the ABBA logo on the final cover design is up to Polar Music.  The mock up is just a bit of fun.

The book has not been completed and still has a way to go. There is not even a release date set yet!  But it is hoped for 2016.

The website address that has been shown on Face book was somehow leaked and any pages that some may have seen were only mock ups of pages as the site was not ready for general viewing. Most of the pages shown are not even in the book as it was only intended for myself to see and get a feeling of how the site could look. For now all pages to the site have been taken off line till the completed web site is launched later this year.

I hope this will clear up any gossip and rumour about the book.  Please wait till the web site is launched or look here for more information.

Also the book is going to help raise money for two charities.  All profits from the sale of the book with go to the chosen Charity.

When the release date is set and everything is confirmed it will be announced here.   If you have any questions about the book you can contact us through the blog.

I’d rather facts about the book be made clear and not gossip and fiction.




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