Josefin Nilsson 1969-2016

29 02 2016


Josefin Nilsson sadly died today. This morning she was found in her bed in Visby. On March 22, she would have turned 47.
Josefin was best known as a part of Ainbusk Singers, which she started with her sister Marie in 1983. Their last studio album came in 2008 and the same year she and Ainbusk Singers entered the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “I love you sometimes.”
In an interview with Gotland Newspapers in December 2013  she said that for several years she felt mentally exhausted and that nothing further was fun. Not even to sing and be on stage.
– Mentally, I was exhausted. So I left everything, Josefin Nilsson became my big project, caring for the person I really am, she told the newspaper.
Josefin Nilsson had recently had an operation on her hip and back.
But now she was on her way out of the darkness again says Thomas Sundstrom:
– It is an irony of fate that she goes away now. She was very happy and had found back to his artistry.

Benny (Andersson) had written five new songs and now the light was coming back for her.
Josefin Nilsson participated in the show “The Sisters Sisters” which was set up at the County Theater on Gotland last spring. She did the show with his sister Marie and tomorrow Tuesday she would have met Thomas Sundstrom to plan for a set of the show in Stockholm in the autumn.
– The show was about disease resistance, joy and power, the two made a show of their lives, says Thomas Sundstrom.

The news was first reported by P4 Gotland.


Shapes, is the solo album written and produced for Josefin by Benny and Björn in 1983. The album is awesome and Josefin also featured in Chess På Svenska as Svetlana.  Benny also wrote and produced hits for Ainbusk Singers. Their breakthrough came in 1990 when her sister  Marie Nilsson  collaborated with  Benny to write several songs, with Benny providing the music for her lyrics.  Their first single, “Jag mötte Lassie”, became the Christmas/New Year #1 on the Swedish singles chart. The follow-up, “Älska mej”, also charted in Sweden.


ABBA legend Bjorn Ulvaeus says he remembers her with warmth. – She was incredibly special. She was unique in every way. It’s hard to say what it was. She was an incredibly strong personality, says Bjorn.
– I remember her as a happy, lively and talented girl, says Bjorn Ulvaeus.
Chess, which was set up in Swedish in 2002, (with, among others, Tommy Körberg and Helen Sjöholm.) Josefin’s role of the Russian woman, Svetlana.
– She did great. She was amazing. She was such an incredibly good actor besides, and a wonderful singer, says Bjorn Ulvaeus.
He tells of the sadness he feels over her death.
– It’s so tragic, really, he says.
“Totally Overwhelmed”




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