Mamma Mia! Here we go again!

1 03 2016

10696302_299921616874392_2636403738281340091_nHänt  have a new article about Agnetha:

The ONLY good thing about that is the new photo. The article is total rubbish.

Agnetha Fältskog’s hot night out with her secret man!

Short Cut, tanned and very handsome …


Events Blog ended last week at the prestigious nightclub Café Opera’s 35th anniversary. A party that attracted hordes of celebrities, ordinary and more rare. As ABBA legend Agnetha who really dos not attend with her presence at celebrity parties, although a few weeks ago she chose to go with old colleague Bjorn Ulvaeus premiere of “Mamma Mia the Party”. When in the company of her good friend Thomas Johansson, who once owned the world concert organizer EMA Telstar who worked with Abba from 1975 and in 1980.



Agnetha was joined by Thomas Johansson at the premiere of
“Mamma Mia the party” in January

Agnetha amused herself royally and was smuggled in without the photographer’s knowledge. But once inside the room she let loose on a sofa in the so-called VIP roo. She served champagne and greeted celebrities like Martin Timell and Arja Saijonmaa. In the background was constantly a secret handsome man by her side. Short Cut, tanned and very stately.

There in the background to the left we glimpse Agnetha’s secret societies.
But the question hangs in the air; Who was Agnetha’s secret man?


Above:Agnetha and good friend Micael Bindefeld at Café Opera party.

The Hänt article is the usual rubbish we get if Agnetha even stands next to a male. If she does have a man in her life, that is fantastic  (plus I don’t think she’d hide it)

but it’s also her business.




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