ABBA In Australia

5 03 2016

Below is the original order form for some previously unreleased shots from the March 1976  Promo tour and the March 1977 tour. These photos were first made public in 1995 through the Official Australian & International ABBA Fan Club.(Now known as

These photos are buzzing around on Facebook etc at the moment due to the 40th anniversary of ABBA’s first visit to Australia.

I remember when we were first offered these rare shots,no one had seen them before. Then to be offered the original negatives was amazing. A month later we offered these photos to the fan club members as a one time only offer. They sold out within days of the magazine going out! No surprise really. Some of these photos were cropped when sold in this offer and do not show the full original picture. And five shots were never released at all. Maybe one day!


PHOTO OFFER 1995 BPHOTO OFFER 1995 ABELOW: A selection of some of the photos from the original offer.




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