28 06 2016

Recording ‘One Man,One Woman’ Video 1978

Glad midsommar till er alla!

24 06 2016


En magisk kväll på Berns

11 06 2016

En magisk kväll på Berns

A magical evening at Berns.

11 06 2016

En magisk kväll på Berns


A huge thank you to Lasse Anrell a Swedish Journalist from Stockholm for allowing ABBA fans worldwide the world exclusive we had been waiting for, Agnetha & Frida (No, not ABBA) performing together on stage,singing THE WAY OLD FRIENDS DO.

His article and video can be seen on his post (Link below)  Below is a quick Google translate of the article.  Again Lasse, THANK YOU! (Though I doubt you’ll be popular with some for leaking this!)


Lasse Anrell

It was Björn & Benny – Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson – who celebrated 50 years of collaboration and chose to call it “100 years of togetherness”.

Everyone was there. From the entire ABBA   to Lill-Babs & Peter Jöback ,to my table where Pernilla Wahlgren and Harpo was in full prosperity and Pernilla revealed that she would not only sing a duet with Lena Phillips but also sing backing on a track at the end where she learned that she might end up being a little “overshadowed” by two other singers
And just so it was.

For when suddenly Anni-Frid Lyngstad gets up in her white beautiful creation to go up on stage and start talking, and with her another  beautiful woman dressed in white  named Agnetha Fältskog – then stop the entire room for breath and realize that now  history will be written, Swedish music history.

And just so it was.

We had in itself been a part of history already. Jerry Williams sang “Cadillac” – Hep Stars old here. Benny played solo. How heavy anytime. Lill-Babs and Peter Jöback sang Benny’s two sons, Peter and Ludvig sang together. How concerning whatsoever. Bjorn & Benny sang to whooping and piano accompaniment.

Lena PH and Pernilla sang, “Hole In Your Soul” and sang latter with Agnetha & Frida. How Darling whatsoever.

And Paul McCartney sent a video message in which he is protesting his admiration and declared ABBA’s grandeur and kinship with Paul’s old orchestra, if you remember it. It was history, and one could have imagined that Paul wiped a small tear that he did not get the chance to celebrate some anniversaries my trusty old companion and ADVERSARY John.

Paul acclaimed Björn & Benny. It set a level of everything. Suddenly everyone in the room physically what level these gentlemen are. Equal with Paul. At par with the Beatles. Respected flush with the ankles of pop music biggest names of all time. Acclaimed by Sir Paul.

How historically anywhere.

So sang Frida.
Thus, I have to say this very clearly.

So sang Frida and I have never ever in my life heard a woman singing with such buoyancy and beautiful voice. I have heard almost all major live, but as Frida this evening rise from a dinner for several hours and perform the song with the voice and the depth and the feeling is among the most impressive I’ve heard.

– You and I can share the silence (You and I can share the silence), she started and the text is indeed a paradox in this context, but certainly quite true when it comes to her and Benny, and perhaps also her and the rest of the band; they have shared the clatter and voices and the audience cheers. To also be able to share the silence was certainly a path and a prerequisite for survival as a team.

Agnetha was not as comprehensive in their singing but in the end she found yet their role in the outrageously fine harmonies and I would say that what was created then, those few minutes, it is beautiful to be heard in Swedish music history since ABBA recorded their discs and – if we make music history even further back – then Jussi Björling and Birgit Nilsson recorded “Turandot” 1959th

How historically any time, as I said.

And you can hear it.

Yes actually.

Visit nwt.se and click on this article there the whole song in one, what I have seen, globally unique recording from my seat out in the audience. Poor picture, good sound. Alternating good, shaky and amazing vocals. But never uninteresting.

We wanted the story.

And just so it was.

Go and enjoy. Unique NWT’s listeners.


And if I can ask for anything, it is that Frida doing another record. She is 70 years, but sings best. By far the best and sensuellast and innocent world shrouds. Avicii wake up … or someone. Wake up everybody.



The Way Old Friends Do – News Reports

8 06 2016

Today the Australian Newspapers featured the events from Sunday night in Stockholm

The Melbourne Herald-Sun

Melbourne herald sun 8.6.16

From the UK papers on Tuesday.

daily mail UK 7.6.2016IMG_0517

Metrometro UK 7.6.2016

The Sun


The “i”


The Daily Telegraph

IMG_0523There was also a small article in  The Times (UK)  and the Evening Standard (UK).

Sadly for fans still no video footage to the performance.


The Way Old Friends Do -Agnetha & Frida

6 06 2016

13411910_287506081588210_1569629519712145856_o copy

Pernilla Wahlgren:

Yesterday I & Lena Philipsson sing for, among others, these two beautiful legends: Frida & Agneta! euphoria after yesterday’s incredible celebration of Björn & Benny’s 50 years in the industry! All of us in any way over the years has worked with Björn and Benny were invited. Sooo fun to meet industry professionals and old musicians that you have not seen for many many years!

I & Lena had the honor to surprise with driving Abbas rocking “Hole in Your Soul,” and the audience stood up during the whole song! Though nothing topped the finish in the evening when Agneta & Frida went up and sang beautiful ABBA song “The Way Old Friends Do” and we girls had the honor to run behind. Then, when Björn and Benny came on stage and joined there were not many who could not hold back the tears ..! The most powerful I have experienced in all my years in the industry …!

BB 50



The Way Old Friends Do. On stage together-Again!

6 06 2016

13315756_10208475294307095_7024208635739889117_nAll four members of Abba reunited on stage as Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson celebrated 50 years together as friends and musicians by throwing a private party in Stockholm Sunday night.– It’s been a great night, says Benny Andersson.

50 years 2

50 years ago, on June 5 1966, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson met for the very first time. The beginning of a friendship and collaboration that has come to enrich and heavily influence Swedish music history over the course of the past five decades, as well as the reason for a private party at Berns Salonger in downtown Stockholm. Some of Swedens most well known artists and musicians, including fellow Abba Members Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstand, gathered at 6.15pm and kept the party going until well after midnight.

50 years

Among those performing throughout the night were Fältskog and Lyngstad who got on stage to perform the song You and I, dedicated to Ulvaeus and Andersson, with the male songwriting duo joining in on the performance towards the end of the song thus reuniting the whole group on stage.

They talked a little bit about their history, how everything started with Abba. And then they all sang together towards the end, Guitarist Janne Schaffer tells Expressen.


Anni-Frid Lyngstad describes the celebration of Ulvaeus and Andersson as an emotional night.

– It was absolutely amazing. A lot of emotions. Weve made this journey throughout our history. Benny and Björn in particular. Its been very nostalgic.

Also joining the former members of Abba on the guest list were fellow musicians, actors and celebrities including Peter Jöback, Lasse Berghagen, Björn Skifs, Pernilla Wahlgren, Lena Philipsson, Kristina Lugn, Jerry Williams, Niklas Strömstedt, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg and Thomas and Marie Ledin. Lill-Babs was also in attendance.
– I’ve cried a lot tonight, she says.

Claes af Geijerstam hosted the party and had personally put together a video retelling the careers of Björn and Benny, highlighting key moments such as winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo.
– It’s been a great night, Benny Anderson says.


Agnetha with Journalist, Mats Olsson

Actors Marie Göranzon and Jan Malmsjö couldn’t have been happier as they left the festivities.
– A magical night. I never could have dreamed it would become such a party. I feel like I can die happy having experienced a night like this, Göranzon says with Malmsjö chiming in:
– We got to see a kaleidoscope of people that have been present in Björn and Bennys careers.

Newlyweds Alexandra Charles and Bengt von Hofsten described it as exceptional.
– Lena Philipsson and Pernilla Wahlgren singing together, Lill-Babs performing with Peter Jöback. Helen Sjöholm singing a song from Chess, and then Tommy Körberg performing her hit song Du Är Min Man. The way they traded songs with each other, Alexandra Charles says.
And then, as the night was coming to an end, the sweet albeit very short reuniting of all four members of Abba.

– We witnessed a piece of music history tonight, Janne Schaffer says.
Translation: Anders Sandqvist



Peter Jöback


Fantastiskt att få fira dessa två genier på deras 50 års fest som dreamteam ! Tacksam för att ha fått samarbeta så nära med dom i original uppsättningen av “Kristina från Duvemåla ” . Kvällen avslutades med att jag fick vara med och köra på ett hörn till två andra stora popikoner – Agnetha & Frida – när dom på ett helt magiskt sätt framförde en vacker duett ! Magi var bara förnamnet . Underbar kväll med sköna vänner och kollegor !

Fantastic to celebrate these two geniuses in their 50 years of party like the dream team! Grateful to have gotten to work so closely with them in the original set of “Kristina från duvemåla”. The night ended with the fact that I got to be with and drive on a corner to the other two big pop icons – Agnetha & Frida – when they’re in a magical way made a beautiful duet! Magic was just the beginning. Lovely evening with lovely friends and colleagues!13342909_10154296654228223_8797246822002486556_n

All 4 ABBA members together again in Stockholm

5 06 2016

All four former ABBA members are once again together in Stockholm at Berns for the 50th “Birthday” party of the meeting of Björn and Benny.

Berns_1200x675BB 50

Thanks to Intermezzo for the information


2017 Calendar by Redstar

5 06 2016


Happy 50th Björn & Benny!

5 06 2016

BB 50