16 03 2017

AbbaMania cover 1

ABBAMANAIA AUSTRALIA is a fantastic collectors item full of amazing pictures of Abba In Australia, the full Australian Abba & Solo years discography and a collection of the most amazing Official Abba memorabilia ever made.
The book is printed on demand, making your copy a one off original. Available in Hard back cover or soft cover. The first edition of the book is the *40th Anniversary Collectors edition.
The book follows an Abba fan’s story in parallel to the unfolding attack of Abbamanaia on the Australian public. The ‘Abba Fever, was worse then the flu’ a daily newspaper stated!
This “fan book” is 400+ pages in full colour. A must for any Abba fan anywhere in the world.

abbamanaia australia buy now 1


*This is a limited offer and will be replaced by the standard edition (without 40th Anniversary content. Please note this is not a numbered edition)




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