ABBAMANIA – Thank You!

17 03 2017

AbbaMania cover 1

A huge thank you to you all!  I am totally blown away at the response to my book. I would like to personally thank everyone who has ordered a copy of the book.

To anyone who wants to order the book please check the blurb site in your country (where available) as the book will be listed there and the postage will be at local rates within your country.

To all those asking, sadly the book will not be listed on Amazon. I really wanted to have it on Amazon, (I mean who wouldn’t?) But due to the size of the book (400 pages) the extra charge and fees to sell through Amazon would actually make the book more expensive from them, so selling just through blurb it was possible to make the book much cheeper.
Blurb accept Paypal and can print and supply the book within 2 weeks (approx)

Available in Hard Cover and a soft cover version. The 40th Anniversary Edition is a limited run and will end very soon.
The second edition will not feature the 40th Anniversary on the cover and in the book. The 40th Anniversary Edition was my way of celebrating just that, the 40th Anniversary of Abba in Australia and their tour in 1977.
The book features 48 pages devoted to the Australian tour in 1977 alone.

I have tried to include as much as possible in this book, but it was pure torture to not include so many things that failed to make it into this book simply due to lack of space. This “fan book” is 400+ pages in full colour. The size of the book is 8×10 in, 21×26 cm. It weighs 1.5 kg (approx)

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