21 03 2017

Today the first copies of my book “AbbaMania Australia” were dispatched by the printers. It’s a mixture of excitement and also a bit nerve racking at the same time.
For this is something I have never done before, I am not a writer or author, but I have written a book. I am not a designer or graphic artists but yet I designed and created the whole project my self. I am very proud of that. I have also shared my story, which is odd as I am such a private and extremely shy person. But my love for Abba just overtakes me sometimes and I do things for them that just don’t fit with my personality (and that no one else could ever get me to do)!

My hope for this book is that other Abba fans will enjoy it. This is after all a “fan Book” (amateur not professional) but more than anything it has been a true labour of love.
The last five years of work on this book has created the end result. The book was originally 900+ pages of material and I had to find a way to cull that down big time. I got to 600 pages and thought I could not reduce it any further. Then we had to consider the cost of producing a book of that size. It simply was not possible. The cost was far too high.
After many months of torture I did get down to 400+ pages. That was it I could not go any further. Some have commented on the book being expensive or the most popular one: “how much?”
I really wanted this project to happen and I made every effort to make the book as low priced as possible but mostly to still retain the highest quality. But for your money you get 400+ pages all in colour, printed exclusively for you on demand!
Thus it is only available to order from blurb. Selling through Amazon would actually make the price much higher as they charge an extra amount on top for their cut.

It may inspire someone to write a book about Abba’s success in their country. My god I would buy it! I tried to make this book something I would die to have myself. I hope I have achieved this. Sure there will be those usual so called “fans” who love to cut others down for their efforts, and I am sure I will endure this in time to come. All I ask is that those “fans” keep in mind what I have said, I am not a writer/designer etc and that this is a “fan book” which I’m sure will have some faults and all for my first try at something I had no idea about.

To everyone who has ordered a copy, I want to express a heart felt Thank You to you. I hope you will enjoy the book and that you may learn something new about Abba and the whole experience of what “AbbaMania” was like in Australia. Or you may just feel that connection to another Abba fan who feels the way you do about them.

Thank you

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