5 04 2017

Agnetha Happy Birthday 2017


4 04 2017

Buy the second edition of the book today.



ABBAMANAIA AUSTRALIA is a fantastic collectors item full of amazing pictures of Abba In Australia, the full Australian Abba & Solo years discography and a collection of the most amazing Official Abba memorabilia ever made.
The book is printed on demand through Blurb, making your copy a one off original.
The book follows an Abba fan’s story in parallel to the unfolding attack of Abbamanaia on the Australian public. The ‘Abba Fever, was worse then the flu’ a daily newspaper stated!
This “fan book” is 400+ pages in full colour. A must for any Abba fan anywhere in the world. This is the second Edition of the book featuring many updates. The first edition (*40th Anniversary Collectors edition) of the book is SOLD OUT.