Darin.Sweden’s king of pop!

28 05 2021
Darin has released his new single “Can’t Stay Away” And spoke to attitude about coming out, lockdown and speaking to Agnetha!

I assume all Swedish pop stars know ABBA…

You guessed right! [Laughs] No, I don’t know all of them. But Agnetha actually called me when I was recording my last album. I was recording in their old studio and the owner came out of her office and said: ‘Hey, my friend wants to talk to you…’ I thought it was a fan. I was like ‘Hi, what’s your name?’ ‘Agnetha Faltskog.’

She was like ‘I heard you were recording in our studio! I’m looking forward to your new music and hope we meet someday!’ I haven’t met her yet. I saw Bjorn and Benny once at Universal to say hi to.



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