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26 02 2012


ABBA To Release A Limited Edition 12-inch Single For Record Store Day

10 02 2012

Universal/Polar will release a limited edition 12-inch vinyl single for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21.

Side A features Voulez-Vous (Extended Dance Remix), originally released as a promo-only single in the United States and France. This marks the first commercial vinyl release of this remix. On side B is the equally danceable If It Wasn’t For The Nights, originally released on the Voulez-Vous album.

This special Record Store Day release is pressed on blue glitter vinyl and packaged in a cardboard sleeve. The 12-inch single, which is limited to 5,000 numbered copies (catalogue number 00602527957302), is for sale exclusively in participating stores. For more information, please visit recordstoreday.com .

Source Abbasite/Polar


10 09 2010

Featuring all 8 original studio albums. Original covers,labels and innersleeves,

1 bonus vinyl album of non LP tracks.

LP size booklet with new pictures and detailed recording information of each album time line from 1972 -1982 unpublished pictures of master tapes.studio cue sheet,label copes and Polar press releases.


Released December 6, 2010

Pre-order ABBA: THE VINYLS box set now.  Be one of the first 2,000 and get your name featured in the pages of the ABBA: THE VINYLS book.

This is an exclusive opportunity for fans to be immortalised alongside the ABBA legend and is only available by pre-ordering  before September 25th 2010.

ABBA: THE VINYLS is a limited edition box set containing ABBA’s eight studio albums, originally released 1973–1981: Ring RingWaterlooABBAArrivalABBA: The AlbumVoulez Vous,Super Trouper and The Visitors. The box set also contains a bonus album, entitled ABBA Tracks, the A-side of which contains the five single A-sides not included on the original studio albums. The B-side of ABBA Tracks features a further five non-album songs, personally selected by  Benny Andersson.

Going back to the analogue master tapes for each individual album, as originally prepared by ABBA and their associates, the albums in the ABBA: THE VINYLS box set have been remastered for vinyl especially for this release. The track listings of the albums mirror the original Swedish releases, as originally planned and conceived by ABBA. Similarly, the eight studio albums are presented in replica covers featuring the original art work and inner sleeves – exactly as they looked when they first hit record shops back in the ’70s and early ’80s.

ABBA tribute acts must report sets to Universal

22 07 2010

ABBA “tribute” acts will have to report the track lists of every public performance they give, under strict new criteria issued to the bands by Universal Music in Sweden.

Last month, The Stage revealed exclusively that a number of ABBA tribute groups had been issued with legal notices from the record company asking that they change their band names. It stated that Universal believed their names constituted an infringement of its intellectual property rights.

Following this, in emails sent to tribute bands and seen by The Stage, Universal stated that ABBA could be associated with the tribute acts providing that four criteria are met. These are that the word ABBA is always displayed with the word “tribute” and these words are in a smaller font size than the band’s name, that no ABBA pictures are used in marketing material, that the tribute act does not produce merchandise that has ABBA pictures or covers on it and that the band reports track-lists of the songs performed in their set after every gig.

Universal Music started by contacting 15 tribute acts. It is understood that it plans to contact all the tribute acts that it believes infringe the ABBA trademark.

A second email from Universal in Sweden to one band, also seen by The Stage, added: “Universal Music has been contacted by several fans in Brazil, South Africa etc. that have been deceived into believing that the real ABBA have reunited. Universal Music looks severely on this misleading of ABBA’s fans as well as of the general public, and are therefore now actively seeking to create clarity in the names of all ABBA tribute bands.”

When the initial news broke, Sean Egan, head of arts and media at lawyers Bates Wells and Braithwaite, commented: “Trademark infringement law is complex. Even so, in such a case, you would often expect the requirement that there is confusion, so that the public believes either that the tribute band is the original band or is authorised.”

A spokesman for Swede Dreamz – one of the bands initially contacted by Universal – confirmed that it had made the changes requested on its website and, as ABBA does not feature in the band’s name, the band “found it was easy to comply with Universal Music’s request”.

A spokesman for Universal Music in Sweden said it had no comment on the development.

by Natalie Woolman

(At last something is being done to help correct the situation of cover bands using the “ABBA” title in their promotion. We support Universal very strongly on this matter and if you have any concerns over this matter or anything to report please contact Universal or the fan club and we will pass on your information to Universal/Polar.)

Agnetha’s Collectors year?

12 01 2010

Cdon are now listing the new Agnetha box “3  Original Album Classic”.  As this is Agnetha’s 60th year we are all hoping on some type of collectors items to mark this year. This will do nicly to start with. Let’s hope Polar & Universal move the plans they have into reality and release something really special. Watch this space!