Peter Grönvall – “Growing up with Benny has left its mark”

26 08 2013

“Growing up with Benny has left its mark”

He is the son of Benny Andersson and his wife is singer “Nanne” (Grönvall) , although he is not directly known, I am a musician and producer says Peter Grönvall, happy to be anywhere outside the spotlight. “My motivation is to make it sound good, fame is not something I have fought for,” he says.

Current:  50 years old on August 20. Lives: In  Danderyd. Sweden with Wife Nanne Grönvall and sons Robin, 27, Charlie, 23, and Felix, aged 21.  Music producer.


Currently: Working with Nannes upcoming album to be released in October this year. The title is yet to be determined.

About to turn 50, “It feels a bit sudden. I do not feel so old., I would be 40 now. But I really have not had any crisis or so, but just feel that it’s amazing.”

So I celebrate the birthday: “I’m not much for big celebrations, but it will certainly be a small party. I have been to many incredible birthday parties so there will be a bit like OS initiations – now let’s do something even worse. When it finally becomes a whole company. “

Played ABBA as a child: “As I recall, it was only once at school as we played ABBA. I was probably 10 or 11 years and was of course my dad and played on a board that would look like an organ.”

Tips to keep a good relationship: “The trick is to care about each other. If you feel something for someone then say it – how much that person means to one, the man is so happy.”


Proud of: “It’s family. To be a part of it. Knowing ‘fuck, what good it was.’ We have always promoted that there should be harmony, love and security., It is never a hassle.


Peter and son,Felix

 We have three sons, who never had a fight. Very few people. “

For years, Peter Grönvall worked in the studio as a music producer. But the urge to write their own songs remain. Since last fall, he works on an upcoming album One More Time as he needs to complete.

Since May of this year, Peter Grönvall has been busy with his wife Nanne Grönvall’s upcoming album – which this time is an original disc, which means that all material is newly written – most of it is written by Nanne her self. Peter’s job is to manage the technical.


Nanne Grönvall

Because even if they worked together for 32 years and been a couple for 27 of them – they are very happy about that – they are very different when it comes to musical taste, explains Peter.

– Where we do not have many commonalities. Imagine that you take two circles that overlap each other a little bit – it’s the area we share.

– I like the most symphonic and classical. If I have too much influence she tells quite sharply, haha. But we keep on until both feel satisfied. It might not be as expected, but it often gets really good though.

In the back of my mind, there are plans to do more private, such as composing film scores. Most recently, Kalle Blomkvist films that came from 1996 to 2001. And last fall, he began thus write a new One More Time album – Nannes and Peter’s team that won the Eurovision Song Contest 1996 with the song The Wild, and where even the singer Maria Rådsten included.


One More Time

– It will be my next project and it gets a lot of newly written like myself do. I long very much after that.

Peter has a lot to chip off when it comes to music. Not least from father Benny Andersson, as he is one of Sweden’s most popular musicians and hitmaker. Even mom Christina Grönvall has worked as a singer in the Electricity Fiddlers – it was also where she met Benny. Despite this, Peter dreamed as a child to be an astronomer. For various reasons, he also chose music track.

He says it started when he was very shy 12-year-old sat down in his dad’s basement in Lidingö and played on the piano. Ten years later he formed, the then girlfriend Angélique Widengren and Nanne group Sound of Music, which quickly gained great achievements. Since then it has moved on.

What impact has your dad had on your music?

– Some seemed to think the Sound of Music had the ticket to go all the way as my father’s name was Benny Andersson, but it was rather a disadvantage. The first album we worked with very hard, and it was very good.

Nanne Grönvall & Peter Grönvall at the opening of ABBA THE MUSEUM,Stockholm.

Nanne Grönvall & Peter Grönvall at the opening of ABBA THE MUSEUM,Stockholm.

– Since it is clear that it he had an impact while I grew up with him. I didn’t notice much from the beginning, it took me until much later to see how important it was. Now it just feels good that Dad and I are doing the same thing, and it’s reassuring. I always have someone to ask and someone to relate to.



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