Frida: – Loneliness is natural for me

24 09 2014


OPEN AND HONEST: Anni-Frid Lyngstad talks about the tough times with presenter Fredrik Skavlan.
Speaking out in rare interview:
ABBA-Frida: – Loneliness is natural for me
STOCKHOLM (AP) Anni-Frid Lyngstad lost her only daughter and her husband of eighteen years. At age 68, she has become accustomed to solitude.
In partnership with life

Although a member of ABBA she is one of the world’s most successful stars. But she has also had her share of tragedy.

In January 1998, died daughter Ann Lise-Lotte in a car accident, only 30 years old.

In October 1999, her husband died, the Swiss Prince Ruzzo Reuss of lymphoma. He was 49.

– What I experienced might make that experience a great loneliness which gradually become natural to me, says the usually media-shy Anni-Frid in an interview broadcast on NRK program “Skavlan» Friday.

Her mother was Norwegian, German father. Her mother died only 21 years old, and Anni-Frid was strongly attached to her grandmother Arntine growing up just outside Narvik.

– Sometimes I think that is similar to my grandmother, who I grew up with, says Anni-Frid, who applied for Swedish citizenship when she was 16.
She says that she is doing an autobiography, coming “when she is ready.”

Present in the studio is also Desmond Tutu, current on a book about forgiveness. To him she said:

– I’ve been in situations where I’ve been in trouble, but where I’ve thought that when there is so much forgiveness in the world, I have to do it too.

Anni-Frid Reuss, as she is called today, is a billionaire and considerably richer than their higher-profile colleague Agnetha Fältskog.

She lives in a Swiss mountain village and, according to Swedish Expressen a fortune of 1.8 billion Swedish crowns. More than 30 years after ABBA split up Anni-Frid.

Totally lazy – she is not. In good time she comes now with a clothing line aimed at ski folk.

– I thought a few years ago that I have to do something creative, and found that ski clothing is “Tråk matters.” So I contacted ima ski manufacturing company and in December, the first collection. So still in the queue! There is only one overall in the first place, then, she says to Skavlan.

The journalist responds by praising her business acumen.

– My relationship with money is that I am as careful as children. It’s about being scared of losing what I’ve got. As a child I collected on the dime. Today I live a simple but comfortable life.

Metal band “In Flames” are also guests at Skavlan, and admit that they have stolen from Abba.

– Did you, did you ask for permission, then? Hehe. My grandson has started with heavy metal, says Anni-Frid.

Grandson Jonathan (24), who now lives in the United States, is the son of Ann Lise-Lotte, and was just a little boy when his mother suddenly passed away.

Some new time Anni-Frid can also expect to get ahead of ABBA; they release the double live album “Live At Wembley Arena,” with recordings from 1979, this coming Monday.

She has previously stated that it is unacceptable to resume his solo career.

– But one should never say never. I like to sing, she says now, and reveals that she actually gives out a song in December – a tribute to the Matterhorn, in connection with that it is almost 150 years since it was climbed for the first time. The title is “1865”.

In Switzerland, she is on the list of the 300 wealthiest residents, who each year are published in the journal Bilanz. She is in good company on the list; celebrities such as Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Michael Schumacher and IKEA Ingvar Kamprad-billionaire has been on the same list.

In Zermatt, where she has lived since her spouse died, you can often find her shopping in the local grocery store. In addition to the residence in Switzerland, she houses in Sweden and Mallorca.

Anni-Frid live today with the British nobleman Henry Smith (58) who is the heir to the British store chain WH Smith. They met in 2008 and made the relationship public during the premiere of “Mamma Mia” in London.


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